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"Rogue Valley Manor is committed to enriching the lives of its residents in a continuing care environment."

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LISTSERV comes to Rogue Valley Manor


A ListServ (an e-mail group for a whole organization) is a quick and efficient means of sharing with the whole community. There is now a mail group for RVM residents. It is free, private, for residents and selected staff only. That means that only residents and selected staff are permitted to subscribe; others are not able to post or read messages.

RVM management and the Residents' Council are enthusiastic about the creation of this Manor Mail group. Of course, it should not be used for mention or discussion of private administration, advisory council, or resident council business matters. Please abide by this rule.

Other “netiquette rules” are that there be no commercial advertising, no discussion of politics or religion, and only polite, civil communications.
Remember, anything you send to the Manor Mail group will be seen by all of its members.

The list will be “managed” by Skip Ross and Nils Nilsson.


Before you sign up, please have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.  qmark



If you are a resident of RVM, and would like to join, you simply fill out a short form – name, email address, etc. – and you will be invited by Yahoo to join. Respond to the invitation. You will then be able to post a message, receive all posted messages, and reply to any posted message.

To subscribe, click here:
For more information about the invitation you will receive, click here:

Send a message

Once subscribed, you can send a message to the group by addressing your e-mail to:

     or by clicking here:

More details


Subscribers often share comments about their favorite things - Dining, Lodging, Recreation, etc.    
Check them out, and share your own.


Link from RVM Resident Intranet

There is now a link to this page from MyRVM, the Rogue Valley Manor Intranet, http://rvm.org. It's under the Groups tab. The link is "Manor Mail Group". Clicking it will bring you to this page. If you want to tell a fellow resident how to get here, that's an easy way.

Testimonials to Kevin McLoughlin

For many years, Kevin McLoughlin was the Executive Director of Rogue Valley Manor. He was terminated by Pacific Retirement Services as part of the issues between RVM and PRS.

Kevin was held in exceedingly high regard by Rogue Valley Manor residents. A site was created as a means for those who so desired to express that regard.

You may read the testimonials that have been written - CLICK HERE



We welcome your questions, comments or suggestions. Please feel free to contact us.

Note: If clicking the above link does not open a contact window, please click here.