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What is a listserv, aka mail group?   Back to Top of Page

A listserv, or mail group, is an on-line service through which members can communicate easily about topics of interest. The service keeps track of the e-mail addresses of all the group's members so that you don't have to.

Our mail group is hosted by Yahoo, and it is completely free.

How would I use it?   Back to Top of Page

To send a message to the group, you simply compose a regular e-mail message and address it to the Manor Mail group address -
address    When you send it, it will be passed along to all the other group members, usually in a few seconds.
You might want to save this address in your e-mail address book - you could use it often.

When you receive a message in your e-mail inbox, you treat it just like any other incoming e-mail. If you want to reply, you simply click REPLY in your email program, compose and send your reply.

Why would I want to use it?   Back to Top of Page

Have you ever wished you were able to tap the collective knowledge of the residents here at Rogue Valley Manor for answers to every day sorts of questions:
         What's a good restaurant in Ashland?
         What are good attractions to show our visiting grandchildren?
Would you like to share some information you learn with the rest of us:
        The wild flowers are in full bloom on Table Rock.
        Don't miss the upcoming art show in the Manor. 

We all use word of mouth when we can, but that imposes the limitation of small numbers of people to ask or tell. The Manor Mail group provides you the ability to contact many more people - some friends and some friends-to-be - easily and quickly.

Can I choose whether to reply to just the person who posted a message or to the whole group?   Back to Top of Page

You can choose, for each message, whether your reply will go to the whole group or only the original message's author. Every message is followed by a group of links that looks like this:

Reply Links

Click on either of the first two (ignore the others for now) to direct your reply.

PLEASE NOTE: RVMlist is configured to send replies to the sender by default.

Who all will use this Manor Mail group?   Back to Top of Page

First, and very important, only residents and selected staff of Rogue Valley Manor will be allowed to join. No one who isn't a member can receive or send messages through this mail group.

As for who will use it - the more residents the better. Our goal is to be sure that all Rogue Valley Manor residents are aware of the group's existence and what it offers them. Then each resident can decide whether to join or not. Currently (2014) messages posted go to over half the RVM residents.

The invitation will always be open. If you decide to join, and find that you are glad you did, we hope you will spread the word to your friends.

Will my privacy be protected?   Back to Top of Page

Yes - absolutely. To quote Yahoo about their mail group service: "It’s free, secure and spam-protected." Their information technology professionals are responsible for ensuring that this promise is true.

We have set up the Manor Mail group so that its existence is not made publicly known. A Google search will not find it. Yahoo's list of their mail groups will not include it. The group membership is moderated by Rogue Valley Manor residents (initially Skip Ross) who will check every application for membership against the Rogue Valley Manor Directory before subscribing the applicant.

Will belonging to the group cause me to get spam?   Back to Top of Page

If by "spam" you mean "unsolicited bulk Email, junk mail, or unsolicited commercial email, ... frequently with commercial content, in large quantities sent to an indiscriminate set of recipients" the answer is NO. The mail group privacy protections will prevent your e-mail address from being shared with any but other group members.

What if I decide I want to unsubscribe?   Back to Top of Page of Page

This is a very important question. If it were difficult to leave the group, you might be inclined to put off subscribing until you were absolutely sure you were going to like it. But that's not the case. Unsubscribing is even easier than subscribing.

Every incoming message has a set of links at the bottom. It looks something like this:

Unsubscribe Link

To unsubscribe from the group, just click the Unsubscribe link - Yahoo will do the rest.

What will I see as an acknowledgement when I subscribe?   Back to Top of Page

When you Submit your completed application form, you will get a message like this:

Your form has been received - thank you.

You will receive an acknowledgement from Yahoo.
Your subscription will not be active until you respond to Yahoo's message.

When you receive the email from Yahoo, respond to it as it instructs and your subscription will be activated.

Is Rogue Valley Manor management OK with this?   Back to Top of Page

RVM Management has approved the creation of this mail group.
(The only request is that the list not be used for discussion of Residents’ Council or Advisory Committees business. Please abide by this request).

How about the Residents' Council?   Back to Top of Page

Earl Norgard, 2011 President of the Residents' Council, replied to a request for his opinion, saying: "Both Kevin (then RVM Manager) and I think that such a sharing service would be a great addition to the campus."

Are there etiquette rules for messages?   Back to Top of Page

Thanks for asking. The “netiquette rules” are that there be no commercial advertising, no discussion of politics or religion, and only polite, civil communications. And please, no jokes.

Another suggestion - not a rule. If you post a message, give it a Subject that lets a reader know what topic it will be discussing. That just makes it easier for each recipient to decide what to read and what isn't of interest to him or her.

Is it OK to offer something for sale?   Back to Top of Page

It is definitely appropriate to offer something for sale, with these guidelines:

  1. This should not be commercial activity -- just a resident selling item(s) to other residents.
  2. The notice should be brief and concise.
  3. The notice should say that interested parties should contact the seller directly, not reply to RVMlist where uninterested residents will see the ongoing communication.

How about notices of upcoming events?   Back to Top of Page

This is a perfect use for RVMlist. It is a widely used and timely communications channel for residents.

Can I use it as a Blog?  Back to Top of Page

NO, RVMlist should not be used as a personal Blog (short for Web Log). Blogs are a means for a person to publish to the web his or her views on a subject, so that interested people can log into the Blog and read the posts. It requires action by the reader to access the Blog. RVMlist, by contrast, pushes the posted information to the inboxes of all subscribers. Therefore it is essential that all posted messges are done with consideration for the subscribers, most of whom will not be interested in the personal views of residents whom they don't even know. For this very important reason, posted messages should have content of the sort described above. If you want to have a Blog, either use one of the many available blogging services available on the web, or create an email list of people intersted in reading your views.

Are there any published guidelines?   Back to Top of Page

We did publish guidelines to all subscribers in 2014. You can read them by clicking HERE.

I'm ready - how do I sign up?   Back to Top of Page

There is a brief form to fill out and we'll do the rest.

Your form will provide us with your name, e-mail address, cottage/apartment number and phone extension (these last two to verify residency). It will also tell us whether you prefer to receive all messages versus daily digests, and to have send/receive versus full membership capabilities. Once we know this, we'll get you subscribed. Yahoo will send you an acknowledgement message, and you'll be set to go.

So --



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