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Introduction to Things To Know

Every once in a while I get a question about rvmlist. On the assumption that others have the same question, I have written answers and plan to post them as short messages every so often. I'll use the subject "Things To Know". There won't be a quiz, so you can ignore them if you want to. Some you may already know, some you will probably never care about. But maybe you'll find a nugget or two that you are glad to know. If so, I'll feel it was worthwhile.

Accessing images and attachments 1

Some messages include attachments or images. If the images, in aggregate, exceed some maximum size, will store them on the rvmlist website as attachments, and put links to them in the posted message. Access to the website is limited to account holders, so if you aren't an account holder you won't be able to open the links.

To become an account holder, you have a couple of choices, neither of them bad.

1. Create an account (email address and password).

2. Use the 30 day pass.

Both these options are safe. A brief tutorial will assist you. It is on the rvmlist home page,, near the bottom of the page, under the heading Tutorials.

One thing to know is that uses cookies. They will put a cookie on your PC and check it to see if you have an account or 30 day pass. If your PC disallows cookies, or regularly erases them, you will need to keep logging in with your account information (email and password) or getting a new 30 day pass.

Forgotten Password 2

If you forget your password for a account you have created for rvmlist, I as owner/moderator can't recover it. However, does offer a means of dealing with forgotten passwords -- possibly by letting you create a new one. has a website, with URL Enter this URL into your browser address field to get to the website. At the top right of the home page there is a log in icon. Click it to get the fields to enter your email and password. You will see a clickable phrase for forgotten password. Click it and will offer you a way to log into your account, possibly by resetting your password.

Be sure to write down your password in case you forget it.

Forwarding to non-subscribers 3

Several of you have described problems with forwarding messages posted on rvmlist to friends and relatives - the attachments can't be viewed.

When a posted message contains an attachment or large embedded image(s), stores them on its website and puts a link to them in the posted message. A subscriber can access the linked files, but a non-subscriber can't, as they are rvmlist-private. So forwarding the links to a non-subscriber won't pass along the attachments or images.

If it's really important to you to share something, try downloading the linked material and attaching it to a new email that you create.

Footer in messages 4

Every rvmlist message has a footer. It includes a disclaimer about message content and a link to the rvmlist home page. But, probably of most interest to those of you who don't post messages frequently, it tells you how. If you just remember that the footer provides this help, someday it may come in handy. Here is a copy of the footer.

To post a message, address an email to:

NOTICE: RVMlist is an Unmoderated Mail Group. Any opinions presented are those of the message author, and no endorsement is implied for Group Moderators, other subscribers or Rogue Valley Manor.

For information about rvmlist and its use, go to the rvmlist home page,

Digest or individual messages 5

With rvmlist you can either receive messagse as they are posted or grouped into a digest. A digest is posted whenever there have been 12 messages or, barring that in a day, the next morning. The digest provides the benefit of less email traffic but has the disadvantage of being less timely than seeing the messages as they are posted.

The top of a digest includes a list of the topics it contains. Each topic listed is a link you can click to go directly to that topic within the digest.

If you want to receive your messages in a daily Digest, address an email (no content needed) to

If you are getting a digest and want to switch to get messages as they are posted, address an email (no content needed) to

Quoting message in a reply 6

You may have had the experience of replying to a posted message and seeing that the original message is not quoted in your reply.

When you reply to a posted message, you have some options - 1) use your mail program's Reply function, or 2) use Reply function.

You can use your email applications's Reply or Reply to All functions. If the application is set up to quote the message to which you are replying, the original message will be quoted

At the end of each message there are some links - Reply to Sender and Reply to Group. When you click one of these links, a new message is created, addressed either to the sender or to the group. The message you are replying to this way will NOT be quoted in your reply . If you want to quote the message, you can copy and paste its text into your reply. .

Unsubscription due to received spam 7

If you receive a message from notifying you that you have been unsubscribed due to spam, you should click the enclosed link to be automatically resubscribed. Here is some background.

Some email providers notify when group messages end up in their (the provider's) users' spam folders. Most likely, the group messages were automatically flagged as spam by the email provider rather than having been specifically marked as spam by the users.

When receives such a notification from an email provider, the system automatically unsubscribes that member from the group. also sends the member an email with a link that lets them automatically and quickly resubscribe to the group.

If you receive a notification from that you were removed from a group because of reported spam:

Click the link in the notification message that automatically resubscribes you to the group. Note: The link expires 7 days after the notification was sent.

Check the spam folder in your email application or the email provider's webmail interface, and if that folder contains messages from, mark those messages as not spam. Doing so will help train the email provider's spam filters to make fewer mistakes about emails. Important: Do not delete the messages from the spam folder or allow them to be automatically deleted from it. Otherwise, the email provider will likely continue flagging messages as spam.

Changing or adding an address 8

As an rvmlist subscriber, you may at some time want to change your subscribed email address. Although offers a procedure for doing this, it will not be accepted for rvmlist.

rvmlist is a private email group, and only Rogue Valley Manor residents, and some senior RVM Administration members, are permitted to subscribe to and use it. Therefore, all subscription requests, including address changes, are vetted to ensure the email belongs to a resident.

Even if you are already a subscriber, DO NOT attempt to subscribe a new address directly through Use the same signup procedure as a new subscriber. You do this by going to the rvmlist home page,, and following the link to the signup form. Once you are receiving messages at the new address, you can Unsubscribe the old address by clicking the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of a message sent to that address.

Joining a discussion 9 is a powerful tool for facilitating discussions of a particular subject. One person posts a message, and others join the discussion by replying to it and to subsequent replies.

In, a Topic is a collection of messages about a particular subject. The Topic includes the initial message that was posted along with any replies to that message (and replies to those replies). Since manages related messages as Topics, you can search for them in the archive, or mute them from your incoming mail.

NOTE: Because determines what constitutes a Topic based on linking replies to messages, when you want to participate in a discussion, use the Reply method rather than creating a new subject.

Muting Topics 10

In, a Topic is a collection of messages about a particular subject. If you find that the Topic is not of interest, provides the ability for you to disregard it by using the Mute feature.

If you receive individual email messages from the group, the footer in each message contains a Mute This Topic link . If you receive message digests, a Mute Topic link is at the end of each message in the digest. Clicking these links takes you to the website, where you can confirm or cancel the action.

Displaying your name in messages you post 11

You may find when you post messages that only your email address shows as the author. If you have created an account for rvmlist, you can easily add your name as part of your identity. There is a simple tutorial on the rvmlist home page,, that explains how to add your identity to your account.

Via addressing 12

Have you wondered about this?

Some posted messages list the sender as SENDERADDRESS via, instead of the usual SENDERADDRESS Why is this? Is it avoidable?

The reason is a bit complicated, but it is not avoidable.

DMARC is an email validation system, invented to try to eliminate spoofing of email addresses. Some email services, aol and yahoo for two, use DMARC. When someone sends a message using a service that uses DMARC through an email group like, a DMARC test would interpret that as a spoofed address. To avoid the resulting rejection of the message, modifies the sender address. concocts a From address that includes the poster's address in the user-name field (before the @ sign) yet has as the domain (after the @ sign). This satisfies the DMARC anti-spoofing criteria. The Reply-To field is left as SENDERADDRESS

Aside from looking different, this situation should not create problems for rvmlist users.

Receiving copies of your posted messages 13

Some email providers-most notably Gmail-do not send their users copies of the messages that those users post to email groups. By default, avoids this with a work-around. replaces the Message-Id header with a new, system-generated one, renaming the original Message-Id header to X-Orig- Message-Id.) This change is so subtle that you may not even notice it, and you will (happily) receive copies of messages that you post.

Telling new residents about rvmlist 14

If you find rvmlist valuable, please take any opportunity you have to tell new residents about it. The easiest way to do this is to refer them to the rvmlist home page, There they will find extensive information about this resource, and a link to the signup form they can use to obtain a subscription. This is the only way to subscribe. Direct requests through emails to will not be accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions for rvmlist 15

When you subscribed to rvmlist, you may have seen that there is a reference on the home page to a group of frequently asked questions (FAQs). If you didn't look at them, you might find them interesting. There is a link to them on the rvmlist home page, website 16 has a website for each of its groups. Ours is at For sending and receiving messages, there is no need to use this website. It does have a resource that may be very useful to you - a searchable archive of posted messages. You can search by keywords, including Topic, by posted date, or by posting member. The search feature is quite powerful.

NOTE: to access the website you will need a account. Members Manual 17 has a very comprehensive manual for members. As a casual user - sending and receiving messages - you may never want to use the manual. But if you are someone who likes to understand the tools you use, or just want to see what options are available to us through use of, you might want to have a look at the manual. You can access it online by CLICKING HERE.

In the manual you will see that there are a number of features that are only available to groups that pay an annual fee. We use the free option, so those features aren't available to us. The Manual clearly differentiates the paid features.

Monthly notifications 18 offers a service of sending out a monthly message to all subscribers. rvmlist users will receive such notices each month. One, named Monthly Reminder, contains some reminders of things of general interest. Another, named Group Guidelines, reminds subscribers that there are guidelines for the use of rvmlist. Both of them will have a Subject beginning with [Special] [rvmlist]

Posted Copy of Things To Know 19

I hope you have found some useful information in the Things To Know that have been posted to You can find all of them online on the Manor Mail Group Home Page, There just scroll down and click on the graduation icon, like this one.