Testimonials to Kevin McLoughlin

For many years, Kevin McLoughlin was the Executive Director of Rogue Valley Manor. He was terminated by Pacific Retirement Services as part of the dispute between RVM and PRS.

Kevin was held in exceedingly high regard by Rogue Valley Manor residents. This site was created as a means for those who so desire to express that regard. He said about the page:

"I did see the testimonial page. I am humbled by it and the hundreds of letters and cards that I have received. I have felt the Love from My Manor family."





Sep 03, 2012 Bill & Carol Jacobs As RVM residents we have witnessed Kevin’s leadership in action. He is a knowledgeable, responsive, and caring leader who instills desire in RVM employees to provide extraordinary service with sensitivity. On budget and financial matters, Kevin has demonstrated time again his mastery with the numbers including sophisticated evaluations such as interest rate swaps and financial ratios necessary to achieve high bond ratings.

Sep 07, 2012

Dr. Bill Johnson I have said for years that the great spirit and morale of RVM comes from the top down--from our leader Kevin McLoughlin. He is a great leader, a very hardworking man, always prepared and energetic. If there is a problem or new project on campus, you will always see him at that site some time.

Kevin is great to have at resident committee meetings. He always has his notebook with pertinent information, talks in a cogent positive manner, and has a sense of humor that often breaks the ice. Kevin knows everyone by name, and always takes time to talk when queried. Kevin is the best administrator I have known in my 40 years of medical practice and can be recommended without reservation.
Sep 09, 2012 Patricia Erlandson Although I have not been able to participate in as many RVM activities as I had anticipated when my late husband and I eagerly moved here in late 2002, I have been very conscious of Kevin's fine reputation and his hard work in the creation and continuation of the unusually wonderful spirit and sense of well-being that exists among residents and employees. This is the impression which so many, many visitors to the Manor express spontaneously........and take home with them. The great majority of us miss Kevin's presence dreadfully and feel that we must have him back as soon as possible.
Sep 09, 2012 E. T. and Jane Moore In every large organization, there comes a time when the owners and managers want/need to improve the quality of their product or service. It is here that you begin to focus on the definition of "quality". My favorite is "how well you meet your customer's expectations". In my 75 years, you are only one of two manager/administrators that I feel have ever truly met this definition. As I hope you know, you have certainly met the expectations of all your customers here at the Manor. You have done so with honor, integrity and respect. We appreciate what a wonderful job you have done and would be pleased to testify to that fact on your behalf.
Sep 11, 2012 Charlotte Rising Kevin, you already have received a note from me expressing my dismay and anger at the rude dismissal you received from PRS. I want to add to it that, should you apply for another position, you are qualified to be the administrator of any large organiztion requiring that the applicant be capable of appealing to and satisfying the needs of its staff, its clients (residents), and potential customers. In addition you have the ability to deliver a product (in this case the Manor itself) which is one of the finest in the country.

We will envy any organiztion fortunate enough to have you at its head.
Sep 12, 2012 Ruth Pepple When prospective residents visit with residents, the most common comment is that this is the happiest place they have visited. Our dining rooms are full of laughter, and others are often very quiet. Every organization's atmosphere starts from the top down. Kevin has developed with his staff and residents the qualities of respect, honesty, and "take the high road." These are the qualities that have produced employees who take care of residents, residents who care about employees, and a place where laughter and fulfillment abound. Thank you.
Sep 18, 2012 Wayne & Jamie Harris As residents of RVM for 9 years, we would like to express our great regard for Kevin. He is exceptional both in his financial expertise, and in the personal relationships he has with each resident and employee. He knows each resident by name and often talks with us about what is going on in our lives. In the retirement setting the confidence and the trust that residents have in the way they are treated financially, physically and personally all contribute to the sense of well-being that has been so much a part of our lives at RVM. We knew that any problem coming into our lives, whether large or small, would be handled by Kevin in a comfortable way to a satisfactory conclusion. We miss him more than we can say, and hope he will be able to return to us.
Sep 24, 2012 Skip Ross What makes all the residents at Rogue Valley Manor so happy? In a word - everything.

First, all the other residents you meet here are friendly and welcoming. It’s like a perpetual newcomers group. I heard a prospective resident say that what convinced them to move here was “the smiles”. You see them in the dining rooms, in the halls, on the street - everywhere.

Similarly, the staff are universally helpful and cheerful. No matter what you ask of them, the answer is never “no”. Particularly impressive is the way they deal with older residents who need a little extra care - it is provided lovingly.

Our living environment is as close to perfect as possible. Landscaping is always lush and well maintained, with blossoms most of the year. A walk down the street doesn’t even hint that all the units are the same, like a tract. Instead it seems like an expensive custom-built neighborhood. The common areas in the buildings are always clean and ready to use. If something breaks in our home, help is available almost immediately.

The Manor’s policies and practices reflect years of continuous improvement, responding to resident suggestions and requests to change little things for the better in such a way that the big things are just the way we’d want them.

Why do you think this is so? Again in a word - Kevin. Kevin has been in charge long enough that he has hired and trained much of the staff, set many of the policies, and just generally set the tone for how the Manor runs. Maybe someone else could have done as well, maybe not. But the fact is, Kevin was the one who did it, and all of the things the residents so treasure about our home are a real tribute to him. Irreplaceable? Maybe not. But not many would want to take that risk if we don’t need to.
Dec 23, 2012 Ruth Pepple Kevin's reputation as an outstanding Executive Director of the Rogue Valley Manor is substantiated by the dedication of the large percentage of residents who have shown unwavering commitment in challenging Pacific Retirement Services. As information has unfolded over these last several months, it appears obvious that Kevin tried to maintain loyalty to both PRS and RVM for a long period of time. The last straw required by PRS forced Kevin to step over the line and take action on behalf of the residents of RVM which caused his termination by PRS.

The manner of his termination was vicious to say the least and unprofessional on the part of PRS. This kind of behavior on the part of PRS only increased the dedication of the residents of RVM to the support of Kevin McLoughlin. It was an indication that Kevin's termination was in no way related to his performance as Executive Director, but rather the past actions of PRS. Based on this belief, the residents of RVM have joined together to pursue the reassignment of Kevin to Executive Director of Rogue Valley Manor, and satisfactory resolution of past actions of PRS, and assurances that the residents will be relieved of any such behavior in the future.

It is with great sadness on the part of residents, including myself, that the final settlement made between the RVM Steering Committee and our legal counsel with PRS do provide for the care of the residents, but that the reinstatement of Kevin was not accomplished. With this in mind, I give highest recommendation to Kevin McLoughlin for any position for which he applies. He has proved his loyalty to a fault to his employer. He has protected the residents until the choice was the employer or the residents. At that point he chose the residents over his own financial and professional benefit. There can be no higher recommendation than a person who understands what is right.
Dec 24, 2012 Ann Bull Kevin McLoughlin is one of the finest men that I know. He made Rogue Valley Manor the wonderful place it is today. As President of the Resident Council, I was able to work closely with him and what an education it was! He is a true Master of everything he does and I was totally in awe of him. Two things, among many, that always stood out were his love for his job and his deep caring for the Residents. He has a brilliant mind and an incredible memory. He ran a tight ship but was very fair and I think his employees loved working for him.He was an excellent listener and never turned away a Resident who had a complaint or suggestion. It is an indescribable loss for Rogue Valley Manor that Kevin is no longer with us. I feel it will be almost impossible to replace him.
Jan 29, 2013 Pat & Paul Berglund It is well-known and widely acknowledged that Kevin McLoughlin is an outstanding leader and businessman. Many residents of Rogue Valley Manor join us in saying that he is the best executive we have ever seen.

When you hear how deeply we love him, you may imagine that he is a sentimental, huggy, glad-handing guy. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It is Kevin's solid inner core of integrity, honesty, and heedfulness that makes everyone like him though he never "tries" to be liked.

Our foremost wish is that our strong, courageous, brilliant Kevin could be our leader here at the Manor forever. Since that joy has been taken from us by one small-minded individual, we hope that Kevin will soon be able to use his abundant talents at another lucky institution.
Jan 29, 2013 Jim Stocker In a 30-year business career I had the opportunity to work with many executives in all parts of the world. In my 3+ years at Rogue Valley Manor I experienced the management style and skills of Kevin McLoughlin as our Executive Director. In my judgment he would rank in top echelon of business managers I have met and worked with. Kevin conveyed an upbeat sense of energy which was infectious to RVM residents, and apparently to his staff as well. He was particularly sensitive to the needs and wishes of RVM residents, and clearly conveyed this to his senior staff, for they too displayed this empathy. He was an excellent communicator, and was able to explain policy, events and innovations clearly at Resident Council meetings. He responded to sometimes difficult questions from residents with understanding, good humor and firmness. Kevin believed in "management by walking around", and in his tireless ramblings could address hundreds of residents by name. !

He was well aware of the importance of marketing to prospects the values and qualities of RVM, and took particular pride in describing the recognition of RVM's outstanding health care facility. I believe Kevin has a very bright future as an executive, director or consultant in this industry. He has left an indelible legacy of excellence at Rogue Valley Manor.







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