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Amplified phones I'm starting to have some problems hearing people when I'm on the phone (especially when speaking with my grandchildren who live in England and have fairly strong English accents!), and I'm not quite ready to look into buying hearing aids. I'm thinking about trying an amplified telephone. Staples has two they particularly recommend, both made by Clear Sounds. I'd be very interested in hearing any comments or opinions from anyone who knows about amplified phones. Thank you very much. Elizabeth Escher 12/26/2012
RVM supplied When we moved into our cottage here in July we noted the telephone supplied did not have enough amplification, We noted in our Resident Handbook ( Jan 2012 edition Section XIII Other services,) that an amplifier could be placed on the phone. We put in a work order, but the staff did not remember ever having had any amplifiers, or attaching them to the phones. So we showed them the Handbook, Next thing Norman arrived with an Ameriphone P300 Photo Phone , which has been just great !. It is has big keys and you can use photos for the speed keys if you with. One drawback, it does not light up when there are messages, but I think that would be so with any purchased phone.. We use the supplied manor phone in another room and we check the messages there. The Ameriphone which was supplied by the Manor has worked very well for my husband who is VERY hard of hearing even with hearing aids. The volume is very easily adjusted – just tap the button, and then adjust it with a movable bar between 1 and 5. Also has a ringer adjustment too. I use the original manor phone in the “office second bedroom. The volume level does not go as high on the Manor standard phone. Barbara Johnson 12/27/2012
State of Oregon Regarding Elizabeth Escher's request for information regarding phones for hard of hearing, I understand the State of Oregon has a program where a person with hearing difficulties can get a phone (free) through them. Val Rhodes 12/27/2012
Carrot cake Does someone know a good local bakery for carrot cake? Ruth Pepple 7/30/2012
CostCo Carrot cake is one of my most favorites. I have to say that CostCo has the best ever. They are large but they freeze very well. Let us know what you think! Carol Jacobs 7/30/2012
Fresh fish Hi All -- seeking recommendations for best "local" place to buy fresh fish -- local meaning from Ashland to White City, or so. Thanks in advance for sharing your expertise! And Happy New Year! Grace Abbott 2/31/2011
Rogue Valley Fresh Seafood Co.
274 N. Pacific Hwy 97501
PH# 541.944.7519
Grace, Have not tried but have heard this place is the best??? Rogue Valley Fresh Seafood co. 274 N. Pacific Hwy 97501 PH#541.944.7519 I think they are 5 to 6 block north of the mall. Gary Crites 12/31/2011
Rogue Valley Fresh Seafood Co.
The Wharf
827 W. Jackson
I bought some petrole sole from the place that Gary suggested and it was good. The only problem is that they never quite know what they are going to get until that morning, and when they run out of fish, they close up shop, which is ofter about noon. When I bought the sole, I had placed the order a few days before, and there was no problem with getting it. Where we have lunch on Saturdays, is The Wharf, which also sells fresh fish. I have never bought their fish to bring home, but their lunches are excellent. They are located at 827 W. Jackson, opposite the Santos Community Center. They are closed Mondays, otherwise open at 11 until 8 or 9 pm depending on the day. Hope this is of some help, Kit Stanford 12/31/2011>
Rogue Valley Fresh Seafood Co Yes, the Rogue Valley Fresh Seafood Co., 2714 N. Pacific Hwy, Medford (541) 944-7519 HOURS: Monday-Saturday – 11 – 6 p.m. does have THE very best seafood we have found in our area. But you do have to get there close to 11 a.m. – to be certain you can get just what you want. It comes in fresh every day and goes out fast. We call ahead to see just what they have – and if they have what we want, we order the amount we want and say we will be down within the half hour. The Petrale Sole is out of this WORLD and everything else we have gotten there is also the best. You can pick up a list of all their fish that they get in and the prices are listed too. What fish they get in each day depends upon the weather and what they are catching on any given day. Kaaren Norgard 1/1/2012
Golf cart curtains The  'curtains' on my golf cart need to be replaced.  Can any of you cart owners help me find someone who can do this-it would be much appreciated. Sally Watts 7/5/2017
Absolute Golf Cars
Grants Pass
My new curtains were made by Daryl Frost- the company name is Absolute Golf Cars-he comes from Grants Pass and his phone numbers are 541-956-9701 and a cell phone is 541-659-5000.  He did an excellent job and his price was $800. I had received this name from  2  residents as well as the Country Club. Plus it's sort of nice to know what to possibly expect! Sally Watts 8/23/2017
Mary Kay dealer Does any one know of a Mary Kay dealer here on the Manor campus? Having recently moved here, we have lost contact with our previous dealer. I am also looking for women who would like to form a ladies poker group. Carol Solomon 5/24/2013
Caroline Sagunsky
2757 Shannesy Drive
(541) 773-5934
We can highly recommend Caroline Sagunsky, 2757 Shannesy Drive, Medford, Oregon 97504-2141; Telephone (541) 773-5934; Email: She has been active with Mary Kay for years and regularly wins a car for her work. Caroline is not a resident of RVM, but she will deliver. Bill & Carol Jacobs 5/25/2013
Josie Metz
U S Bank office
Josie Metz in the U S Bank office in the Manor is a Mary Kay dealer. Diane Vaughan 5/26/2013
Mattresses Has anyone had an excellent or very good experience buying a mattress either at a store here in Medford or online? Jim Quan 1/29/2017
Costco At someone else’s recommendation, we bought two mattresses from Costco some years ago. They deliver, and we are still pleased with them. We have recommended them to others. Joanne Hafner 1/29/2017
Pet food      
Rogue Valley Pet at Winco Shopping Center I have found this store (relatively new) to be wonderful. They have a great selection of pet food, are very knowledgeable and they can use the support of RVM residents. They are on the right as you drive in. Audrey Scannell 5/31/2012
Rogue Valley Pet I agree, Audrey. That is where we have been buying our raw and kibble dog food for our dogs. Jeannette Bournival 5/31/2012
Rogue Valley Pet I so agree that Rogue Valley Pet in the Winco Shopping Center is most helpful and carries an ample supply of quality food and merchandise. I encourage RVM pet owners to stop in get acquainted with the owner. Carol Jacobs 6/1/2012
Window blinds Does anyone have any experience with a good local company which sells and installs the wide blinds, two inches wide is preferred? We'd like to know what your experience was. Mary Whinery 10/15/2014
Hunter Douglas Gallery Call reconstruction. They use a company at exit 24 (Hunter Douglas Gallery). We have two inch wood blinds from Hunter Douglas and are very happy with them. Sid Field 10/15/2014
Western Oregon Window Fashions
Eleanor and Jim Brady
I had good experience with Western Oregon Window Fashions (Eleanor and Jim Brady, 541-776-1081) about a year ago. I believe they have or could get what you want. You could charge your cost to your rvm monthly acct through them. Kim Wu 10/15/2014