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Establishment Description Submitter Date
Airport shuttle      
Rogue Valley Manor Airport Shuttle

5 Star, Gold Medal, Red Carpet - There are not enough awards to honor the crew of Rogue Valley Manor Air Transportation. Response to many changes in arrival time due to numerous flight delays. Wee hours of the morning? No problem. Placard with YOUR name spelled correctly. Hoisting gear off carousel, and carrying it to waiting comfortable vehicle, with friendly driver who knew the way to destination. ( no tipping allowed) Courtesy luggage transfer to residence.

Whew, I am home. Thank you

Connie Stroud 3/1/2014
Rogue Valley Manor Airport Shuttle

I so fully agree with Connie Stroud that the service given by airport transportation is phenomenal, I’m sure not equaled anywhere, and I am so grateful . On a recent planned flight to L.A. they not only heroically rescued me, but also saved me from having to buy a repeat fare. So wonderful!

Evangeline Peterson 3/2/2014
Rogue Valley Manor Airport Shuttle Can't agree more. Came back to get us when flight cancelled and waiting for us when we got back. Great service and much appreciated. Don and Elizabeth Blue 3/2/2014
Alterationist Hi, RVM Women - I'm desperate to find someone to alter some clothing. Can you recommend a seamstress who can change decorative binding on a jacket? Thank you. Janet Ross 11/20/2011
Lynn Stafford
541 245 0451
I have had wonderful luck with a very nice lady, Lynn Stafford who lives nearby. Her phone number is 541 245 0451. 11/20/11
Alteration Center
The women who were, until recently, in the Alteration Center at the corner of Ellendale & Barnett are now in the Winco shopping center. It's on the east edge of the shopping center, a little hard to see, and looks closed until you get right up to it. The phone number is 541-772-8535. Pat Berglund 11/21/2011
Alteration Center
I must agree with Pat. I have used these ladies many times and can find no fault with their work. One lady does primarily bridal items. The other lady is a well qualified seamstress even to the point of altering the shoulders on a man's jacket, a very tough job to do, and many are unable to do this sort of work. She has done this for me and promised the work was to be done in two weeks. However, it took her 12 to 13 weeks it get it done, so beware. Joanne Hafner 11/21/2011

Residents who are seamstresses
Located in the Hobby Room

Alternation Center

Every Thursday morning from 10am to 11 am a couple of the residents who are seamstresses take alternation and repair jobs from Residents. They are located in the Hobby Room across from the Beauty Shop on the ground floor of the Manor. In return for their work they request you make a donation (amount of your choice) to the Fairy Godmother Fund. I have used them several times and they are excellent. You could take your jacket and ask if they feel they can do the work for you. Secondly there was a group of ladies at the bottom of the hill, corner of Ellendale and Barnett (they have since moved) called the Alternation Center 541-772-8535. I am sure that if you call that number they will direct you to their new location. Elizabeth Blue 11/21/2011
Appliance repair On the third load this afternoon my Samsumg dryer went “clunk” and stopped — won’t go again.
It has never had any trouble before — recommendations welcome.  
Grace Abbott 6/19/2017
Alcorn's Appliance Repair

I purchased a washer from the Manor 7 years ago... needed work.  Hired Alcorn's Appliance Repair, 541-944-4556  West Coast Supply recommended them.The machine is still plugging along (Whirlpool) and Alcorn's was very nice and I thought their price was fair... amazing

Clancy Todd 6/20/2017
Sears I do believe Sears does other products than their own. Their technicians have proven superior. Doyne Mraz 6/20/2017
Appraiser Can anyone recommend a general-purpose appraiser, for art, antiques, etc.? Chuck Chase 4/7/2016
Stephen Frazier
If you want someone local, Stephen Frazier, 541-531-7575, Roberta Bhasin 4/8/2016
Art Restoration     5/30/2015
Heidi Tobler.
Phone 541-833-0051
I was very pleased with some recent art restoration done by Heidi Tobler. Phone 541-833-0051. She repairs paintings, ceramics, ornate frames, and other art objects. She is an extremely pleasant woman, and she charged me a very reasonable price. She glued a treasured plate back together and also repaired and cleaned an old bronze elephant. She picks up and delivers here at the Manor. Sue Silfvast 5/30/2015
Auto body repair Does anyone have a good automobile body repair shop that they are really satisfied with?? I am in the market for one. You can call and leave a message at X6396 or send me a reply to sender. Thanks. Russ Cannon 9/19/2012
Lonnie's Auto Repair
Hwy 62
short distance past Costco
I have used "Lonnie's Auto Repair" twice. He came highly recommended and does great work and is very reasonable in price. He is located out Hwy 62 a short distance past Costco. Sharon Weagel 9/19/2012
Total Collision and Paint, LLC
West Main
We recently had some body work done by “Total Collision and Paint, LLC” We were very please by the speed of the service and the price which was substantially less than the Lithia Honda body shop. The phone is: 541-734-7366. The shop is on West Main in Medford. Earl and Kaaren Norgard 11/8/2012

We would like to get our "scratched up" car refinished and painted. Anyone had any experience with refinishing/repainting their car?

Jane and Bill Bardin

Lithia Body and Paint Lithia Body and Paint out by the airport on Bullock road. Gary Crites 9/14/2013
Lithia Body and Paint That s the one. We ve used it at least half a dozen times, and the work was always excellent. Donald Provence 9/14/2013
New Way of Service

NWOS – New Way of Service; Rodney Ruthstrom; 5494 Table Rock Road #201; Central Point, OR 97502; 541-531-9811.  Actually he does things the “Old fashioned way” by hammering out fenders when possible, finding used parts, and just giving you a great deal. Instead of buying an entirely new bumper for over $1,000, he found a perfectly good used one for $300. Tell him, Sally Densmore recommended him.

Sally Densmore 9/27/2019
Lonnie's Auto Body Lonnie's Auto Body---541-770-9091 at 4613 Gruman Dr. I've known Lonnie since 1981. He still does excellent work at a fair price---and he gives rides back to your house! Jan Rowe 11/3/2019
Auto service & detailing      
Bogart’s Auto Detail

We recently had our dirty seventeen year old Eurovan camper detailed there and it looks brand new. Inside and out - we are very pleased. Bogart’s Auto Detail, 541-535-3095, 3945 S Pacific Hwy, Medford

Carolyn Auker 6/21/2019
Specialized Automotive Service and Repair We use Specialized Automotive Service and Repair here in Medford. They are exceptionally knowledgeable, friendly, very honest and straightforward. A family owned business, they work on all foreign and domestic vehicles up to and including the most exotic.
Carolyn Turner 6/26/2017
Auto service -- Honda

Honda owners - can you recommend a service station? My CRV has covered 27,000 miles and could use a service. My usual place is only interested in oil/filter changes, tire rotation, and cabin filter replacement! Thank you.

Mike Guest

Lithia Motors

We've used Lithia Motors eve since we arrived four years ago and even bought a pre-owned 2008 Honda from them two years ago.
Good all around service.

Jim Stocker

Honda (Lithia) dealer
Central St.
we had a Honda for 12 years and got consistently good service from the Honda (Lithia) dealer on Central St. Bill Johnson 5/24/3013
Auto service -- Subaru Our son is here from Seattle with a Subaru that needs a diagnostic check for a rattle that he thinks is exhaust. The Subaru dealership wants $110 just to look at the car. Does anyone have a mechanic he could call who would charge less just to check out the noise? Jan Rowe 9/22/2014
John's auto repair

Try calling John's auto repair on Biddle Rd near the Airport

Jack Hafner 9/22/2014
Keith Schulz Garage & Diagnostc Center

Call Keith Schulz Garage & Diagnostc Center at 772-4756 They have been very reasonable & good.

Dick Fowler

Jason at Jantzer Automotive
3995 S. pacific Hwy. Medford

Try Jason at Jantzer Automotive 3995 S. pacific Hwy. Medford 541-535-3510
We took our old 1998 Subaru there to have him check our timing belts. He said there was no problem with the belts even though a dealer in California says we needed to replace them. Then I asked him to check our windshield wiper jets because the water would only dribble out. He blew out the hoses and also didn't charge us. Not sure yours will be free but he is certainly is an honest mechanic.

Jim Quan

Thor barrows -- RVM resident Call Thor barrows Carol Solomon 9/22/2014
Bank Can anyone recommend a local bank? That is local here in Medford? Thank you in advance Ellie Grayer 7/3/2020
Highland and Barnett
There is only ONE locally owned and headquartered bank in Medford - PEOPLE’S BANK of COMMERCE. There is a branch on the corner of Highland and Barnett, very convenient to Rogue Valley Manor. Bill Jacobs 7/3/2020
People's Bank
Rogue Credit Union
I second Bill’s recommendation of People’s Bank. It also processed more PPP loans than any other institution in the Valley. They really work hard for this community.
Rogue Credit Union is also good.
Sally Densmore 7/3/2020
Barber We're new residents @ RVM and new to Medford... can anyone recommend 1) a barber and 2) a dry cleaners... both of which are good to high quality, but at a reasonable price (if any such animal exists!). Bob Vernon 7/30/2012
Stewart Barber Shop?
Cottonwood Square on Stewart Ave
I use the barbershop at Cottonwood Square on Stewart Ave. I think it's called Stewart Barber Shop, but I'm not really sure of the name. It is owned and operated by a man and wife team a both give good traditional haircuts for $12. The barbers have no nose rings or tattoos. Nobody in there has orange or purple hair. It is a friendly and comfortable place to get a haircut. Ken Kelly 8/1/2012

I need a recommendation for an outside mens barber.IIf you think your barber does a good job would you please share him with me? Thank you

John Gerling July 22, 2014
Great Clips
near Albertsons
I enjoy Great Clips over near Albertsons. You don’t know whom you will get, it’s efficiently run, cheap, and I’ve never had a bad haircut there. For some one as old as Gerling, they should give a substantial discount. Bill Johnson July 22, 2014
Final Score
718 Crater Lake Ave

Try Mike at Final Score 718 Crater Lake Ave. 541-821-0886. Only $12 if you are a vet.

Jim  Quan

July 22, 2014
Great Clips

I agree with Bill Johnson... I use Great Clips near Albertsons... "Michelle"... Cuts run about $11.00 for a sr. and give a well deserved tip.... she is worth it...
I call to see if Michelle is working on the day I want a cut and then make an appointment ON LINE!! Good system and you do not have to wait. Hope this helps.. Bill Johnson has such good taste and his hair is gorgeous*;) winking

Clancy Todd

July 22, 2014
  Chuck needs a good barber. I looked for the Quik Cuts near Albertsons but failed to find it. Is this an obsolete listing?
Jane Rubey 8/24/2015
Great Clips
1374 Center Dr.
old book, Jane—Great Clips moved to 1374 Center Dr., tel. 541-770-4247 take Ellendale, go left on Barnett to freeway entrance, but go over the interchange straight, and take 1st right on Center. First- off street to left, then immediate left to parking lot. I go between 8:00 and ll:00 for the cheap price. Of the gals, Samantha has done 60,000 haircuts—I take her or anyone in line.
Bill Johnson 8/24/2015
Summary The barbers recommended were Final Score on Crater Lake, an old-fashioned barbershop and two votes for the RVM Beauty Salon. Jane Rubey 8/24/2015
Ema's Salon

I recommend the Salon here on campus

David Addington 8/24/2015

Would appreciate recommendations for quality barbers, male or female, in Medford.

Bob Vernon

Ray at Yankee Clipper Ray at Yankee Clipper, 2540 West Main. Closed Sat. 541-779-8685 via Bob 8/25/2016
Final Score Barber Shop
Laura at Final Score Barber Shop at 718 Crater Lake Ave 541-821-0886; also, Mike LaLonde (formerly @ Manor, Wed-Sat only. via Bob 8/25/2016
Traci in Manor shop Traci in Manor shop; 2nd lady also does men’s hair. via Bob 8/25/2016
Book binder      
Michael Faris
If you like to write - a novel, short stories, poetry, anything like that, and would like to have your book printed, give me a call. I have a book binder who does a great job and is not expensive. You have choices of how you would like it bound. He also wlll format your book for you. do book or bible repair, or help you build a family history album or put together a recipe book. If you are interested, give him a call at 541-954-6724. His name is Michael Faris. If you'd like one of his business cards, give me a call at 6341 and I can give you one.

Jimmie Harvey

Car Wash Does anyone know of a good car wash?
Jane Rubey 9/17/2017
Quench and Drench

We use Quench and Drench at the corner of Riverside and Barnett (behind the gas station). $10 for an outside wash. Lots more to do the inside.

Skip and Janet 9/17/2017
The one in the Tinseltown shopping center. I use the one in the Tinseltown shopping center.  It is not far from the Safeway gas station. Eleanor Savage 9/17/2017
Yellow Submarine We have had very good luck with Yellow Submarine. It’s on Court Street a couple blocks south of McAndrews. Ron Silverman 9/17/2017
Yellow Submarine We also use the Yellow Submarine. We prefer it to the one in the Safeway/Tinseltown Center. Tommi Retzlaff 9/17/2017
Cell phone service Does anyone out there have a cell phone service that they like? Anne Newins 9/16/2015
Consumer Cellular We have Consumer Cellular. It is advertised in a lot of the west coast magazines and also in AARP publications. We have two cell phones with 500 minutes and it costs us about $30.00 per month. We do not use them some months at all but have them for emergency use when traveling and when one of us is in town and the other at home. Google consumer cellular and you can get all the info. We have just simple phones but you can get the high tech versions as well.
They go out of their way to be helpful. I only had one real issue and it was my fault not theirs. I was just not able to figure it out myself but they were great and very kind to me.
Elizabeth Blue 9/16/2015

We use AT&T for our cell phones, and Verizon for our iPad.We use Prepaid service for both. On a recent trip through Idaho and into Canada, we found some locations that had AT&T service but not Verizon, and some that had Verizon but not AT&T. Put coverage high on your priority list for comparing providers if you plan to travel with your phone.

Skip Ross 9/16/2015
Summary Besides Consumers Cellular and ATT, I received several recommendations for Verizon. Verizon probably received the most positive comments out of this small survey. Anne Newins 9/16/2015
Somewhere in town there is a company that fixes broken smart phones. I have one of those. The company has a funny name. Can you tell me where I should go to get my phone fixed? Janet Bourque 7/9/2020
MOBILE MADNESS I used MOBILE MADNESS and was very impressed. I had a dead iPhone. I went to Connecting Point, Verizon, Fred Meyer and then the Geek Squad at Fred Meyer to get it fixed. They all said the phone was trash and that they would gladly sell me a new one (for over $1,000). I had given up and was about to buy a new phone when I started talking with worker at the Geek Squad. He recommended I go to Mobil Madness. I went there, They took the phone apart while I was standing there and found I had a loose battery connection which they fixed on the spot. There was NO CHARGE. I thanked them and gave them a $20 tip. The phone is still working 6 months later. I would go back there without any hesitation. Bob Carter 7/9/2020
Mobile Madness
by north Fred Meyer
Mobile Madness down by north Fred Meyer in their parking lot area nearest the freeway. They have rescued two drowned smart phones for us. They are very good. Jean Ekerson 7/9/2020
Clean rugs & upholstery We have had an unfortunate major water leak in our apartment today and will need someone to dry out and clean a couple of rugs. Any experience with a reliable service? Claudia Macmillan 12/7/2011
Holland's Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
Yes, we have a company that we have used for 5 years. Holland's Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning @ 541-772-5826. Gerry Holland specializes in Oriental and Persian Rugs. We have our wool carpeting cleaned and we also have had our hemp rug cleaned last week, along with our regular carpet cleaning. We have always been pleased with the results. Next project will be to have our Oriental rugs cleaned. He is careful with your walls and flooring and does a thorough job and never leaves any mess at all. He will take your rugs and return them very quickly. Please let us know if you use him. 541-772-5826. Kaaren and Earl Norgard 12/7/2011
Cleaners for rugs (cont'd) I'd appreciate any suggestions for rug cleaners which Manor residents have used and been happy with. Thanks so much.

Elizabeth Escher

Holland Cleaners Holland cleaners came and cleaned a carpet and an oriental rug for us. Both came out beautifully. He likes to clean rugs and carpets once a year. His price for the carpet seemed reasonable and the oriental a little high, but it was done well. I guess the saying: "you get what you pay for" applies.

Kit Stanford

Cleaners for rugs (cont'd) I need a recommendation for a carpet and upholstery cleaner who is willing to come to an upper floor of the main building. John Gerling 6/5/2013
Blue Wave
Bizzy Bee
Since the Terrace was constructed we have had an annual carpet cleaning. The first two years we used Blue Wave, who also provided cleaning in the Health Center for Facility Services. Last year we used Bizzy Bee (541-292-5374), however Facility Services suggested that they coordinate the program, as they also do carpet cleaning for the residents. This program is coordinator is by the Custodian/Laundry Supervisor (Teresa Kilbury - 7406). Beck Beckendorf 6/6/2013
Cleaner for upholstery If you have used someone to clean upholstery, I'd appreciate knowing about it - good or bad. Thanks in advance. Winnie Renta 1/29/2014
Jerry Holland We have had Jerry Holland clean both our carpets and upholstery and were very pleased with his work Joanne Hafner 1/29/2014

Would appreciate referral for cleaning a small (8 x 10) carpet... Not a wool or oriental (got rid of those when I moved here) so hate to pay more than what the carpet is worth.

Clancy Todd 4/14/2017
Kelly's Carpet Cleaning Kelly’s carpet cleaning in Medford.  They pick up and deliver. Eaaine Plaisane 4/14/2017
K & L Chem-dry
Grants Pass
Chumblers have used K & L Chem-dry out of Grants Pass at 541-479-8011 in 2016 and again in 2018. Bert Chumbler 6/18/2019
Several weeks ago, I asked on the listserve for recommendations for a carpet, rug and furniture cleaner. I received many responses and selected one They did a really good jog. Am I now permitted to do a follow up and let people know how it went? Brian Rexon 10/17/20
Kellys Carpet Cleaning Thank you for the many responses. The overwhelming positive comments were for Kelly's Carpet Cleaning in Medford. We plan on calling them.
As a follow up to our post on the listserve from about three weeks ago, we did use Kelly Carpet Cleaning (541-779-8089). They performed services on carpet, rugs and furniture. They were excellent. They were high quality on all off of the work, Covid compliant, efficient, knowledgeable and reasonably priced.
Brian Rexon 10/17/20
Kelly Carpet service We also used Kelly Carpet service. They were outstanding! Jean Ekerson 10/17/20
Table Rock Carpet Care We live in the Manor and were looking for a recommended rug cleaner. We discovered there are hardly no rug cleaner that are portable and can go into the high rise buildings. However, we did find a good one....very polite, prompt, on time and professional: Table Rock Carpet Care (Justin) (541) 500-1788 Tim Liller 3/18/21
Clock repair We have an old 8 day Welsh clock made by David Owen in Llanwrust, Wales that would like some TLC. Does anyone know a good competent repair person. Smokey McCrea 10/6/2013
Residents Clock Repair
Don Blue & George Christiansen
George Christiansen and I do our best to repair antique clocks of Manor residents. We have a clock shop on the 5th floor of the Manor and lots of tools and spare parts. Please give me a call to make arrangements for me to see the clock and give it our best shot before you go off campus and spend a lot of money. We have a rather good success rate and a large group of happy customers. Our only compensation is you making a contribution to the foundation. Don Blue 10/6/2013
Cobbler Can anyone recommend a good local cobbler who could replace leather soles on my Enzo Angiolini flats??
Grace Abbott 12/6/2012
Norris Show Store - Randy
Main St (10th)

The only cobbler I know of is the one in the Norris Show Store on Main St (10th) in the center of town. The number is 541-772-9115. His name is Randy

Don Lewis 12/62012
Messinger Shoe Repair
221 E. Main St.
(back of Norris Shoes)

My recommendation is also the same for a cobbler. I've had dance soles put on shoes: Messinger Shoe Repair, 221 E. Main St., Medford (back of Norris Shoes), 541-772-911.

Jeannette Bournival

Coin dealer

Does anyone know a reputable coin dealer who could appraise some
· bicentennial covers
· bicentennial first day covers
· Ike proof silver dollars
· Uncirculated sets ($1, 1/2$, 1/4$, 1/10$, 1/20$ and .01$)
· Bicentennial silver proof sets
· Proof sets ($1, 1/2$, 1/4$, 1/10$, 1/20$ and .01$)
· The years vary from 1971 to 1990

John Gromala 1/13/2014
Burton's Rare Coins
235 SE 8th Street
Grants Pass 97526
# 541-479-1204

In Grants Pass there is Burton's Rare Coins. He has been in business for years, and I first met him as a high school student in the 60's when I was a substitute teacher in Grants Pass.
235 SE 8th Street
Grants Pass 97526
# 541-479-1204

Ruth Pepple

Computer service We will be moving to Rogue Valley Manor in August. Does anyone know of a good computer doctor if I need one? Nancy Lindon 6/29/2012
Larry Osborne
Hi Nancy -- A friend of mine has used Larry Osborne, a computer repair guy who comes regularly to the Manor. He is at 541-840-0771.

Cheers, and "welcome" in advance.
Grace Abbott 6/30/2012
Mike Davis
If it's a Mac, I use Mike Davis at: 541-826-2897. Joanne Hafner 6/30/2012
Mike Davis
Nancy, I also use Mike Davis and he's terrific. I tried three other people before finding him. An early welcome to you! Elizabeth Escher 6/30/2012
Winco Shopping Center
We have used ALEX from the COMPUTER SUPER STORE--located in the Winco Shopping Center. He's young (of course), fast, nice--knows PC's and Macs. Mary Bjorkholm 7/2/2012
Mike Dalton
Sought computer help for a technical problem. Mike Dalton came to the rescue. IMHO he is the best in the west for technical problems.
david l. israel 7/20/2015
Mike Dalton  541-941-9816

Mike Dalton  541-941-9816  ( Mike was a great help in setting up a new desktop PC, transferring data from our old PC, and guiding us through technical instructions for using new software and features. We highly recommend his competent he is patient and prompt!

Elly and Russ Cannon  9/12/2018
Mark Tollefson
RVM Resident

Mark Tollefson -- RVM Resident
Mark is an amazing help with PCs. Since I'm a Mac person, I didn't have a clue about how to even navigate my way around a PC. Mark was calm, patient, helped me figure out and find things, and ultimately determine the best way to efficiently go through documents and eliminate accounts on a computer I needed to eventually wipe clean. He always clearly explained what he was doing, went slowly so I could follow him, and never made me feel inadequate. He has my very highest recommendation--out of a possible 5 stars, he rates 5+ gold stars for help with PCs.

Judy Van Zile 3/1/2019

I have a desktop computer, running Microsoft 10. The sound board has died. I suspect it is located on the motherboard. Had this problem on previous owned computer as well. Where is the best place to have this repair accomplished? Appreciate your efforts on my behalf. 

Purk Purkerson 2/14/2018
Cyber Center on #62 Cyber Center on #62.  Best in town.  Robert Mowery 2/15/2018
Geek Squad at BestBuy I have taken things to the Geek Squad at BestBuy. Ken 2/15/2018
Connecting Point I can’t recommend Connecting Point highly enough. Joanne 2/15/2018
UpperCase UpperCase has served me several times and very well:  541 499-6810, on Riverside Drive. Doyne Mraz 2/14/2018
Upper Case

I always go to Upper Case, 409 N Riverside (by McAndrews). Tel 541-499-6810. They just did a wonderful and cost-effective job when I had the "Blue Screen of Death". Diagnostics are always free. Turnaround is 24-48 hrs.

Peter Grassam 2/17/2018
Upper Case Computer Solutions I was very pleased with help from Upper Case Computer Solutions 541-499-6810. Elaine Plaisance 2/20/2018
Computer Refurbish for sale; repair; consulting David Jurling, Rick Baggott, and I (Mark Tollefson) are resident volunteers with the Foundation. We take old computers and clean off all personal information and, if possible, refurbish them for sale.

They are currently sold to other residents, employees, or given to other charities. You are welcome to buy them for friends or family as well. We always have some available, not just at events like the recent fine things sale.

We try to catch everything that is just sent to the annex, but it is much safer to just get the computer to us (usually to David J.) directly. He can give you a tax receipt for the donation.

Finally, if your computer is running poorly, I can often help. Just give me a phone call at 6713. And, if you'd like suggestions on getting new computers or printers, I'd be glad to offer my two cents worth of opinion. Mark
Mark Tollefson 6/1/22
Disposal of electronics Where can we ’trash’ defunct electronics on campus (devices that can no longer be repaired or are beyond their useable lifetime) Saul Krimsley 2/13/23
RVM Annex The electronics 'bone yard' is still down at the annex at the far end. Yes, residents can bring their non-functional items there, or for a small fee Maintenance can pick them up and take them to the area as well. However there are many other choices for tech recycling in Medford and beyond. Here is an excerpt from from CNET, a tech information source, that I edited a bit, titled, How to Recycle Outdated Gadgets for Free.. Elizabeth Van Horn -- RVM Staff 2/13/23
Best Buy Best Buy accepts a wide range of tech products and while small items are free, TVs do have a $30 recycling charge (the same for computer monitors). What you can recycle: Best Buy can take TVs, cables and chargers, media players, projectors, laptops, hard drives, webcams, cellphones, calculators, radios, landlines, headsets, vacuums, fans, ink and toner cartridges, alarm clocks, speaker systems, e-readers, video game consoles, memory cards, camcorders, digital cameras, GPS devices and more. CNET 2/13/23
Staples Office supply store Staples also offers free recycling options for old technology. Staples can recycle accessories, adapters, cables, computers, cordless and mobile phones, digital cameras, laptops, routers, tablets, webcams, ink and toner and other office tech items. CNET 2/13/23
Smartphone Recycling Smartphone Recycling lets you print a free FedEx shipping label or request a recycling kit. Ship your old smartphone and you might even get paid, depending on the device's condition and age. Smartphone Recycling accepts devices in bulk, so you have to ship a minimum of 10. Depending on how long you've been hoarding phones, you might meet this quota on your own. If not, check with friends and family and make it a group effort. What you can recycle: Smartphone Recycling accepts smartphones, cell phones, MacBooks, tablets, iPhones, iPads, iPods and Apple Watches, as well as batteries attached or installed in devices. CNET 2/13/23
US Environmental Protection Agency US Environmental Protection Agency The EPA doesn't handle recycling and drop-offs but they have an information page that offers suggestions… What you can recycle: Again, the EPA's directory links you out to specific companies and their policies, but according to the list, you can recycle and donate mobile devices, PCs and TVs as well as imaging equipment and supplies. CNET 2/13/23
Electronics Take-Back Coalition Electronics Take-Back Coalition Like the EPA, Electronics Take-Back Coalition makes it easy to find manufacturer take-back programs in the US. You can browse over 25 companies' take-back program summaries, including Acer, Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Panasonic, Sony and more. The Electronics Take-back Coalition doesn't handle the recycling, but it can direct you to the proper resource for your needs. What you can recycle: Depending on the company, you can find places to turn in iPhones, iPads, smartphones, monitors, computers, printers, keyboards, mice, DVD and VHS players, cameras, TVs and more. CNET 2/13/23
EcoATM EcoATM EcoATM gives you a price estimate for your old phone that you can lock in on the mobile app using your old device's IMEI number. EcoATM will ask a few questions about your device like brand, model, memory, carrier and condition before generating a quote. From there, you can visit one of the organization's kiosks, located at stores like Kroger, Walmart and Dollar General. What you can recycle: EcoATM can help with iPhones, Samsung smartphones, tablets and MP3 players, Google Pixel phones, LG phones and tablets, Motorola phones and ZTE phones. You can also recycle chargers and cellular accessories like cases, but you won't be paid for them. CNET 2/13/23
Earth911 Earth911 Earth911 lets you search by device and ZIP code to find appropriate nearby locations to turn in old phones. When you visit the organization's website, click Where to Recycle at the top of the page to get started. Earth911 works with well-known businesses like Lowe's and Target, as well as local waste and recycling centers. What you can recycle: Earth911 helps you find locations to recycle, but it will also note the materials the location accepts, whether it allows drop-off or pickup for residential or businesses, as well as any additional information. CNET 2/13/23
Recycling for Charities cycling for Charities Recycling for Charities accepts technology donations, but gives a percentage of the device's value to the charity of your choosing. Scroll through a directory of charities, select one, enter the required information and click donate. Charities receive anywhere between 25 cents and $100 from your items. What you can recycle: Wireless cell phones and corresponding batteries, iPhones, wireless pagers, digital cameras, iPods, PDAs and Palm Pilots. CNET 2/13/23
Call2Recycle Call2Recycle Call2Recycle is a battery-focused recycling program. The organization offers drop-off options at locations like Home Depot, Lowe's and Staples, as well as shipment boxes for batteries and cell phones. Drop-offs are free, but recycling kits and shipment boxes cost between $45 and $115, depending on the size. What you can recycle: Rechargeable batteries like Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Metal Hydride, Lithium Ion, Nickel Zinc and Small Sealed Lead Acid weighing up to 11 pounds. Call2Recycle also accepts single-use batteries like AA, AAA, 9V, C, D and button cell batteries weighing up to 11 pounds. The organization also accepts cell phones and their corresponding batteries regardless of size, make, model or age. CNET 2/13/23
Dog Groomer

Can anyone recommend a dog groomer for our two long-haired dachshunds?

Bill and Jane Bardin

R&R Pet Resort We highly recommend R&R Pet Resort. They take price in their work and Lucia always looks beautiful. Joanne Hafner 4/22/2013
Barking Beauty Parlor
We take Dixie to the Barking Beauty Parlor in Talent and have been very happy with them. Sandye Taylor 4/23/2013
Dry cleaner Can anyone recommend a good clothes dry cleaner in Medford? Pickup and delivery is not necessary. Thanks Paul Ackerman 7/5/2015
Weldons Cleaners
930 Phoenix Road #A,
(541) 773-8782

Towne and Country Cleaners (Jack Anchick) tel. 826-5484 is retiring, and is the dry cleaners we have used for the past four years. They picked up the dry cleaning at your door and put their bill in your box. A great service. They must have had permission to come on campus to do that.
Jack Anchick writes on my last bill that he will be replaced by Weldons Cleaners. Check Weldons website One of their sites is at 930 Phoenix Road #A, Medford, close to Albertsons, tel (541) 773-8782.

Don Bolles 7/6/2015
Weldon's I have used Weldon's for 16 years. Superior service with both laundry and cleaning. Doyne Mraz 7/6/2015
Nu Way Cleaners
541 773-3792
We use Nu Way Cleaners, 541 773-3792. They do deliver if you like. They are at 601 East Main in Medford and they do good work. Jim Heaton 7/5/2015

I have used Weldon's for several years - very efficient and able, to my perception.

MJ Dellenback 7/6/2015
Archie's "Nu-Way" Cleaners

About 2yrs ago, I found a very good place Archie's "Nu-Way" Cleaners. They use solvents that are nontoxic and also environmentally safe. This for me has many advantages. They also have pick ups and delivery free. 541-773-3792. Located at 601 E Main St. Medford. Try them and you will be happy with their service. I am. They also do alterations & repairs. Great people

Maria-Cristina Page


We have never used any other cleaner but Weldon's. It is a good sized chain, run by a family, I believe. and we have been happy with them. Of course, they don't deliver to the Manor. We only use them for dry cleaning, so perhaps we're not the best to give a recommendation.

Lee Willms 7/6/2015

Yes we have used NuWay for 20 years or more. Recommended by the former Head of Costume at Shakespearian Festival. She said the only one she will trust her costumes to. I understand they also do silk rugs, and other fine rugs. Also leather

Barbara Johnson 7/6/2015
Can anyone recommend a local dry cleaner with reasonable rates? I took some items to Weldons and was floored that they charge $8 for one shirt! That's much more than what I was paying in southern California. Allen Cagle 9/4/2020
Nu-Way Cleaners As another former Southern Californian, we were also shocked at the laundry rates in Oregon. We use Nu-Way Cleaners They pick up and deliver and are less expensive than Weldon. We’ve been pleased with the service and the quality. Their phone is 541-773-3792. Gini Armstrong & Ron Constable 9/4/2020
Weldon Cleaners I use Weldon Cleaners and they pick up and deliver from the manor Mondays and Wednesday. $5 per shirt and $10 for men’s pants. Bob Walden 9/4/2020
Archie's Nu-Way The local cleaners are all VERY EXPENSIVE--compared to the Bay Area that we came from. Weldons covers most of the area and we didn't like them. They ruined a bedspread of ours and refused to admit or credit for their error. We use Archie's Nu-Way--in Medford (near Tinseltown). They will also pick up and deliver to RVM. Call to check prices 541-776-5254 Good luck--most things are cheaper here than the Bay Area--but dry cleaning is an exception. I couldn't believe the prices when we moved here. Mary Bjorkholm 9/4/2020
Nu Way cleaners Try Nu Way cleaners they also pick up and deliver and do a good job Dottie Prideaux 9/4/2020
'Nu-Way' Dry Cleaners Welcome to Medford! To your question for 'reasonably-priced Dry-Cleaners' the answer is not easy! We have been here since 2004 and tried Weldon Cleaners - we found that they do an uneven job - sometimes good and other times not to our satisfaction for - yes - a very high price! We changed several years ago to - 'Nu-Way' Dry Cleaners. They are also not cheap (I don't know of any cheap AND GOOD! Dry Cleaner in this area)!. But I can say that we have been EXTREMELY PLEASED WITH 'NU-WAY'!! Clothes - washed & ironed and dry cleaned come out LIKE NEW!!! So, the price is well worth the 'investment'!!! 'NU-WAY's Tel. is: 541-776-5254 Anita Sumariwalla 9/4/2020
Nu-Way Cleaners S/sleeve shirts, pickup and delivery with Nu-Way Cleaners, (541)773-3792, and very satisfactory laundry and dry cleaning, charge $4.25 per shirt. Check with them re long sleeved price. Jim Macmillan 9/4/2020
Exercise Equipment Maintenance

Exercise Equipment of Oregon
As a result of the pandemic, we purchased a spin bike for our cottage. We felt that because of the upcoming fall and winter weather, now was the time to get some maintenance. We asked our physical therapist for a recommendation. He recommended Exercise Equipment of Oregon (541-885-5313). They were also excellent. They were prompt, efficient and high quality. There were two service technicians. They came right in and went right to work while following Covid protocol. When finished, one of the technicians reviewed all that had been done by them step by step. The rate seemed reasonalble. Another couple here also used them to service their elliptical. They were just as pleased. Brian Rexon 10/17/2020
Financial Advisor Does anyone know a good Certified Financial Adviser in the Medford area? Looking for someone to do an annual financial checkup. Bruce Wilson 10/7/20
Kevin McLoughlin Kevin McLoughlin, former RVM executive director, is dearly loved and many people use his services, excellent and caring advice.  Jamie Harris 10/7/20
Kevin McLoughlin Kevin McLoughlin with D. A. Davidson was our Executive Director for years and he's very good. Pat Robins 10/7/20
Kevin McLoughlin Kevin McLoughlin who was our Executive Director and is with Davidson.   Elizabeth Blue 10/7/20
Kevin McLoughlin Kevin McLoughlin at D.A. Davidson has been my financial advisor for over eight years, and I have been very pleased.He has done extremely well by me financially, and, just as important, he reviews my account on a regular basis, keeps in touch with me several times a year (without my ever having to track him down) and insures we continue in line with my financial goals.  He is a wonderful person, as well. I think you would be impressed by Kevin’s integrity, honesty and conscientiousness. P.S. Kevin has been voted “Best of the Best” Financial Advisor by the Mail Tribune poll. Jill Bartky 10/7/20
Bill Clary Suggest Bill Clary of D A Davidson Tom Upton 10/7/20
Rick Wilson
Ameriprise Financial
Did you know that there are 2 financial advisors who have offices on the lower  level of the Manor building? One is a rep with Ameriprise Financial, next door to Curtis Robertson (the CPA's office) and I am not sure of the name of the company represented by the other one, down near the Boutique.   I do not know the name of the Ameriprise  rep here at the Manor,  but I have had an Ameriprise Financial Rep  for  over 15 years or so, and I have been very happy with my present  rep's  service.  The one I have now has his office in Grants Pass, who  I transferred to when I moved to the Manor 6 yrs ago.  The person here at the Manor, joined Ameriprise fairly recently, long after I needed to transfer to  one.  Hope this info is helpful.  You can call me if you want more info....I live in the Manor building. My Ameriprise Rep is Rick Wilson, (541) 476-8573  (in Gants Pass), and he knows the rep that now has his office here in the Manor building, because I asked him about it last year.. Julie Anderson 10/7/20
Mark Degner Jack and I have been using Mark Degner who offices down stairs for 16 years and are very pleased with him. Joanne Joanne Hafner 10/7/20
Cutler Advisors

I would like to help you with your terms.  CFA stands for Certified Financial Analyst.  I am a CFA.  It is a rigorous program covering 3 tests over a 5 year period.  You could go on the website and see what all the body of knowledge covers.  Generally the individual with a CFA does security analysis or market analysis or becomes a registered investment advisor.  What you probably want is a registered investment advisor.  This person makes their fees from hourly charges and not from commissions.  This is an important distinction.  The RIA has no conflict of interest and will give  you advice not a sales talk.  As you are looking to hire someone, ask how do they earn their living.  I had my own Investment Advisory firm before I came to RVM.  Still with my background, I use Cutler Advisors in Jacksonville.  I have retired.    Jane Bardin 10/7/20
Flag disposal

It was suggested that I share the names of places where you can take a worn-out American flag for proper disposal. Here they are (in no particular order):

RVM security or any Boy Scout troop (who will take it to the Eagle Point Federal Cemetery), the American Legion on Jackson just W. of Central, 201 W. Main St. behind WinCo at the VFW post (I was told they have a disposal container behind McDonalds also), most fire stations.

Sue Silfvast 1/4/2017
Furniture repair Does anyone know of someone in the valley that would have the skill to repair a small hole in a cane-backed chair? Many thanks. Carol Jacobs 1/13/2013
Black Oak Furniture Restoration
250 Lozier Lane
(541) 779-1103
Roberta Bhasin just e-mailed me about Black Oak Furniture Restoration at 250 Lozier Lane between Stewart and Main. She recommended calling George at (541) 779-1103. Roberta Bhasin 1/13/2013
Black Oak Furniture
250 Lozier lane
The best furniture restorer I know if is Black Oak Furniture at 250 Lozier lane. Give them a call at 541-779-1103 Earl Kroner 1/15/2013
Gardening service My knee is giving out. Can anyone recommend a gardening service? Either on an "as needed" basis or a monthly basis would be fine. Many thanks. Jim Rockwell 9/21/2012
Carol's Colors
Office 541-535-7074
Ccell 541-261-2712
Jim, We used Carol's Colors for a number of years and found them very satisfactory. Telephone office- 541-535-7074 , cell 541-261-2712. Lynn and Jack Scott 9/22/2012
Gift baskets      
Gift Factory at Exit 24 The Gift Factory at Exit 24 does an wonderful job putting together gift baskets. Bring in items you’ve purchased yourself, or, for a modest fee, let the store owner shop for you. For between $6.00 and $8.00, the owner will provide everything else you need (basket, raffia, decorative medallions, cellophane, bows, etc.) and arrange a spectacular, personalized gift basket that contains only items that you really want. Jill Bartky 8/7/2012
Gold Coins A few weeks past, someone asked about old coins. At that time I wasn't interested, but now I need to know who we go to to get old coins evaluated. Can anyone direct me, please? Doyne Mraz 3/18/21
Rogue Valley Coin and Jewelry Rogue Valley Coin and Jewelry 41. S. Grape Street in downtown Medford. Sally Densmore 3/18/21
Insurance for car I just came to RVM a few days ago and need to find auto insurance in Medford. I would appreciate your suggestions on how to find a good auto insurance agent. YC Wu 3/9/12
Liberty Mutual We insure with Liberty Mutual. It is doubtful they have an office in Medford, but can be found through a Google search. It is a good idea to avoid those who advertise excessively.

Purk Purkerson

Corner of Barnett and Elendale
I have both my auto and renters insurance with AAA through their local office at the corner of Barnett and Elendale. Have been with them 19 years and have no regrets. John Gerling 3/10/12
AAA When we first came we went down the hill to Triple A. They treated us great. Val Rhodes 3/10/12
  My insurance agent in California informs me that as an Oregon resident I need to have an agent in Medford write the policy for auto and umbrella coverage. Does anyone have a good agent/company to recommend? I'm currently with Farmers Insurance, but could change. Deon Dunaway 9/20/2015
Eli Clark
I have found Eli Clark at opus one insurance on state street to be excellent. Tom McCrea 9/20/2015
Cara Ruettgers
State Farm
Dick and I highly recommend Cara Ruettgers at State Farm, 2936 Barnett, Suite 101, 541-776-7877. We have received excellent service and she is very personable. Linda Lingelser  
Dave Melbo
AAA insurance

We like Dave Melbo at AAA insurance on the corner of Ellendale and Barnett.

Jane Rubey  
USAA If you have military connection (everyone does - spouse, family member, etc) USAA is the best Without an Oregon agent. Call or email me if you are interested. Don Bolles  

We have worked with AAA for many years, and stayed with them when we moved here from Central CA about six months ago. We were thrilled when our car insurance dropped in half. The AAA office is quite nearby, at the intersection of Barnett and Ellensburg.

Anne Newins  
Russ Wimmer
State Farm

I use Russ Wimmer with State Farm. He has written Umbrella, Auto, and Renters for me. He is located on Barnett , just East of Asante Rogue Medical. His phone is (541) 776-7877. .I''m sure he would like to give you a quote.

Keith Stewart  
Jewelry work

I have a pair of earrings which I want to have remade. They have much sentimental value to me but just don't fit right or look right. Any recommendations would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Elizabeth Escher 3/6/2014
Main Street
We have found "Facets" on Main Street to be a very reputable place. They are knowledgeable, creative, and reasonable. We've stood and talked and gleaned good information from them more than once as they are happy to be helpful and to make suggestions. Good luck! Joyce Heintz 3/6/2014
Blackbird I had very good work done at the Blackbird. Wasn't cheap but good. Winnie Renta 3/6/2014
Lawrence Jewelers
Main and Bartlett

I have gone to Lawrence Jewelers in downtown Medford at Main and Bartlett, SW corner, on the recommendation of a former long time resident of Medford. I have had miscellaneous repairs, usually coming in at under the quoted price. Gail once served me concerning replacing some synthetic opals in a bracelet. It seems like you have many options, which is better than the alternative. Good luck.

Kit Stanford 4/30/2014

Now that Lawrence Jewelers is no longer, where do you suggest I take a bracelet to be repaired?

Kit Stanford 6/27/2016
jeweler at Black Bird
west Main.

We have had good service from the jeweler at Black Bird on west Main.

Paul Peterson 6/27/2016
301 E. Main
Kit, you might stop into Facets, which is at 301 E. Main, and is, I believe, across the street from where Lawrence Jewelers were. It’s a small shop owned and run by Suezann and Robert Rushing. I can’t imagine that Suezanne wouldn’t be able to repair your bracelet, as I know she is an expert in creating and making jewelry. And she has repaired a couple of things for me. The phone number there is 541-734-0930 in case you’re interested in checking them out. Good luck. Elizabeth Escher 6/27/2016
Hansen Jewelers
If you can get to Ashland: Hansen Jewelers. We have dealt with them for 35 years. Excellent work, always. Doyne Mraz 6/27/2016
301 E Main
PH 541-734-0930

I have dealt with Facets since we have lived in Medford(10 years) very nice and excellent work. 301 E Main PH 541-734-0930. NE corner of Main and Bartlett. Sue does the repairing + she makes jewelry. tell her I sent you.

Bev Lewis 6/27/2016
Quick Fix
In the Mall on the ground floor

In the Mall on the ground floor where you have that entrance into Macys there is a little shop called Quick Fix owned by Don Tamplin. I think he does a nice job. I take my watch and clocks in there for the battery bit.

Mary Wright Gillespie 6/27/2016
Shamrock Plaza on Crater Lake
I had the same problem with jewelry repair. I think that Goldsmith’s at the Shamrock Plaza on Crater Lake is a good choice, also the jeweler on Riverside (don’t know the name, I just go there), right on Riverside about 7 or 8 blocks from Barnett, on the left side of the street. Al Solomon 6/27/2016
Father and Son Jewelry
126 E. Main
We have had very good luck with Father and Son Jewelry and 126 E. Main, near the corner of Main and Central on the South side or Main. The repair man is a character but does very good work at reasonable prices. Don White 6/27/2016
In LA, I had a jeweler who was great to call on for small jobs, like changing a clasp on a bracelet, replacing watch batteries, or repairing delicate items in general. Does anyone know of a similar jeweler in this area, preferably Medford? Leslie Schettler 3/18/21
Father and Son Father and Son 541-774-8900/317 E. Jackson. Clasps/batteries Multiple 3/18/21
Goldsmith’s Goldsmith’s , Crater Lake Av. Multiple 3/18/21
Fast Fix Jewelry Repai Fast Fix Jewelry Repair—near Macy’s Rogue Valley Mall. Cheaper than some others. Multiple 3/18/21
Gold and Gems
Father and Son
My favorite jeweler is Gold and Gems on the Plaza in Ashland. The father and son the Hansons own the store. They are both excellent and I trust them completely. I have used Gold And Gems since 1994” Barbara Field 3/18/21
LC Antiques I have received good quick service from LC on Riverside just after Spectrum, the one I have been to annually for the 4 yeas we have lived here. They also provided some simple jewelry changes. Besides that they have many wonderful old grandfather clocks that chime at various times, I like waiting while listening. Friendly staff/owners. Grady Kase 3/18/21
Don Blue battery replacement service The people who asked should know that I take resident watches for battery replacement at cost (currently $5) every Friday or on other days if I'm going downtown for another reason. I'm not soliciting business but I've offered this service for many years for folks who don't drive, don't have a car, or who would just rather not be bothered. They can call me at 6612 to learn how the service works. Don Blue 3/18/21
Knife sharpening

I’d appreciate any suggestions as to where to take knives which need sharpening. Thanks.

Elizabeth Escher 3/31/2016
Farmer’s Market
Man with a truck
Thank you so much to everyone who responded to my question about where to have knives sharpened. Almost everyone recommended the same place — the Farmer’s Market (sometimes called Growers and Crafter’s Market), which is now taking place at Hawthorne Park on Thursday’s from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm. There is a man who brings his truck with equipment. His slogan is “You shop and take them home the same day”, and apparently he is excellent and not expensive. I really appreciate all the input. This list is terrific! Elizabeth Escher 4/4/2016
Lawyer We need to update our wills and trust to residing in Oregon - was Arizona. Can anyone recommend a lawyer to perform these simple tasks?

Mike & Heather Guest

David L. Smith
David L. Smith, 541-608-0118. He is great and trusts and wills are all he does. He did for us just what you need. Don and Elizabeth Blue 8/6/2012
James A. Wickre
201 West Main #3B
We worked with James A. Wickre (541-772-3371) at 201 West Main #3B,Medford OR.97501 when we moved from Colorado. He is very good and charges a reasonable fee. Kumar &Roberta Bhasin 8/6/2012
Tim Brophy My lawyer, Tim Brophy, is experienced and empathetic and I have been well pleased with his attention to my affairs. Mary Jane Dellenback 12/28/2014
David Smith We used David Smith, Paraclete Estate planning, ph 541 608-0118. He rewrote our trust papers and is very knowledgeable, also a very nice guy. Located at the corner of Main and Crater Lake Ave. He has an ad in our directory. Keith Stewart 12/28/2014
David Smith David Smith at Parachute Estate Planning 541 608 0118 Gary Crites 12/28/2014
David Smith I second the recommendation of David. He is competent, easy to work with and his fees are very reasonable. John Gerling 12/28/2014
Lawyer -- Oregon wills and Trusts Any suggestions for a local attorney or paralegal to update an older California Living Trust and accompanying forms to Oregon requirements? I have all the documents for a trust and simply need a reasonable-cost lawyer to review it and make any changes to reflect Oregon Statues. Saul Krimsly 4/22/2020
Eric C. Foster
My husband & I also had to rewrite a Calif. Living Trust when we moved to the Manor 6 years ago. Then I had to modify the trust after my husband passed away in 2016. I was very happy to have used Eric C. Foster of the firm , Foster Denman LLP, Attorneys at Law. (541)770-5466, and office close by, 3521 E.Barnett Rd, Medford. Julie Anderson 4/22/2020
Lawyer -- Real Estate Do any of you have a Medford attorney skilled in residential Oregon real estate? Lou and Karen Yardumian 3/6/2016
Jack Davis
541 482 3111

Call Jack Davis, 541 482 3111, e-mail: He is thought to be one of the best real estate attorneys in the valley, and he is a very nice fellow, to boot.

Wayne Thomas 3/6/2016
Lawyer -- family Does anyone have a local family attorney to recommend? Tim & Maggie Miller 1/4/23
Tim Doherty We've been working with Tim Doherty in our trust. He's down-to-earth and seems to be very interested in making things clear to clients. He was recommended by our tax preparer because he practiced law in the CA Bay Area prior to coming to Medford to practice law so he is familiar with the similarities and differences in law relating to wills/trusts in both states. Here's his contact information: Timothy Doherty 112 Genessee Street Medford, OR 97504 (541) 608-0118 Bob Berger 1/4/23
David Smith I highly recommend David Smith, 10 Crater Lake Avenue - tel: 541-608-0118 He was recommended to us when we moved here - I believe quite a few Manor residents go to him - he is a great person and a great lawyer (in my experience). Judy Judy Blue 1/4/23
John Blackhurst I've been very pleased with John Blackhurst. Tom Upton 1/4/23
Jennie Lupton Jennie Lupton, 3523 Arrowhead Drive, suite 101, phone: 541-613-6510 is and excellent Estate planning lawyer Don Provence 1/4/23
Jason Broesder We can recommend Jason Broesder 541/773-1222. He recently did updates to our Will etc at a reasonable price. Les & Karen Frair 1/4/23
Dave Smith I used Dave Smith and was very happy with him, but he may have retired. Anne Newins 1/4/23
Erik Larsen If you’re looking for estate planning, I highly recommend Erik Larsen. Not sure what other types of law their practice does, but one of the partners is the son of an RVM resident. Ginni Armstrong 1/4/23

Medford Public Library

I’m constantly amazed at how often I find the book I’m looking for right here at our Manor library, but, that said, there are definitely times when I need the vastly larger resources of the Jackson County Library System. It’s so easy to take the Manor shopping bus to the Medford Public Library. Just takes 10 minutes. The bus loads at 10:50 every Wednesday and picks you up at the library at 11:50 to return to the Manor. That gives you 50 minutes in the building. You can search the catalog on the Internet ( ) before you leave home and save time, if you like. You can even make the trip just to enjoy reading a magazine in the big periodical room!

If we don’t use this service, we’ll lose it.

Elly Cannon 3/28/12
Jackson County Library In addition to searching the Jackson County Library catalog online before leaving home, you can put in online requests for any book in the system. The library will send your requested title to Medford (no charge) and have it waiting on the self-service reserved shelf. You can even reserve books that are in the Medford library itself and have them waiting for you on the reserved shelf, if walking through the large library is a problem. You can elect to be notified by phone or email, when your reserved book arrives; or you can check online.

From the library's website: "If an item is not in the library catalog, we may be able to borrow the item for you via Interlibrary Loan. Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is available to any Jackson County Library patron with a full service card. There is a $5.00 per item search fee for this service, whether we find the item or not." Read more about this service at

I have used the ILL service several times to borrow genealogy materials from other states or lesser-known titles from specialty libraries. Of course, if the item you want is rare or fragile, there is always the chance that the originating library will refuse to loan it. In that case, you still have to pay the $5.

When I read a book review of a promising-sounding title, I immediately log onto the library website and request that book. One may have to wait a few weeks for best-selling titles, but the price (completely free!) is right.

If you want to try the request service but aren't sure how to do it, I'd be glad to help you get the hang of it.

Pat Berglund 3/28/2012
Jackson County Library Pat and all: I use the Jackson County Library system almost every day. I reserve books, check to see when the ones I have out are due and often do lots of searchs as I belong to two bookclubs. The Library calls to tell you when the book you have requested is available and you have two weeks to go in and check it out. What a wonderful resource we have. Elizabeth Blue 3/28/2012
Jackson County Library Thanks for the tip, Elly. I "drive" to the library, but use the small friendly Phoenix library as my "home" library. It takes me less time and hassle to get there. As Pat Berglund mentioned, it's easy to reserve/request books online thru the library Elf system. However, I ask that my books be delivered to the Phoenix library and have listed it as my "home" library on my Elf account. An "old" Manor resident suggested this to us shortly after we moved in as an easier and more convenient alternative to the Medford location.

I love our county library system.

Mary Bjorkholm

Luggage repair Does anyone have any experience with luggage repair. We have a very useful suitcase on which some of the pulls have broken and need to be replaced. I've been using the large paper clips, and that's not very good. Mary Whinnery 10/17/2014
Back of the shoe store on Main Street

Try Messengers in the back of the shoe store on Main street. They have fixed luggage in the distant past for me.

Mary Jane Dellenback 10/17/2014
Mail Tribune Vacation Hold I have tried to place a Mail Tribune "vacation hold" on their website and also by their phone promoting system. Neither works.  Mary Bjorkholm 1/10/2019
Mail Tribune
If you need to do a Mail Tribune "vacation hold"--call 541-776-4455 for a "live" person. I was told today that they are trying to "rebuild" these systems!!   Mary Bjorkholm 1/10/2019
Media conversion I have a lot of family VHS tapes and I would love to transfer them to CDs for my family. Does anyone know where I could take my tapes and have this done? Thanks for the help.

Julie Tom

Oregon Sound Recording
near Jacksonville
A few years ago, I used “Oregon Sound Recording” to convert some cassette tapes to CD’s. They did a great job, and the price was reasonable. You get to their studio after a lovely drive into the hills near Jacksonville. I’ll bet they can convert VHS tapes also. Check out their web site at: Nils Nilsson 6/4/2015
Costco We used Costco for this a few years ago. Very satisfactory but not a very pretty drive. Sol Blechman 6/4/2015

Does anyone have a contact in the Valley for transferring video tapes to DVD’s?

Helen McCrea 8/10/2015
Oregon Sound Recording

A few years ago, I used “Oregon Sound Recording” to convert some cassette tapes to CD’s. They did a great job, and the price was reasonable. You get to their studio after a lovely drive into the hills near Jacksonville. I’ll bet they can convert VHS tapes also.Check out their web site at:

Nils Nilsson 8/10/2015
Costco Costco has the capability to do VHS to DVD. Cost is 2hrs. of tape to a DVD 19.99. You get 2 copies for that price. Additional hours will be billed the same. Dorothy Powell 8/10/2015
78 rpm records Does anyone know of a source for transferring a 78 record to a CD? Many thanks. Joan Scott 6/22/2017
You might try contacting the below Medford website and speak with the owner if they have equipment that will accomplish your request. Hal Hancock 6/23/2017
Costco Costco Jeannette Bournival 6/23/2017
Medical information sharing To read about the free website designed to provide medical updates for family and friends. Liz Caldwell 7/3/17 CaringBridge is a charitable 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 1997 that offers free, personalized websites to people facing various medical conditions, hospitalization, medical treatment, and/or recovery from a significant accident, illness, injury, or procedure. Liz Caldwell 7/3/17

Would appreciate recommendation for a moving company ... Moving household to RVM from SacramentoPersonal experience (good or bad) would be helpful.

Clancy Todd

United Van Lines We used United Van Lines, Menlo Park CA to RVM 4 + years ago. They were excellent, fine, careful, fast unpackers on this end. Good luck. Pat Stocker 1/26/2014
United Van Lines We also used United Van Lines last April and we echo Pat’s recommendation. John Gromala 1/26/2014
  Have any of you had experience with having a piece or two of furniture moved to another part of the country? For example: China Cabinet and/or dining table and chairs? Joyce Heintz 10/15/2016
  Most residents don't realize that many local businesses have placed their advertisements in the RVM Telephone and Information Directory. If you will look on PAGE 4, you will see a full page advertisement for PREMIER PACKAGING & SHIPPING located close by on E. Barnett Rd. I have never used their services, but their advertisement looks worthy of investigation as they ship anywhere in the country and world!. Let RVMlist Group know your opinion should you use this company and let PREMIER know you saw their advertisement in our directory. Hal Hancock 10/16/2016
Moving on-campus Question to those of you who have moved locally: Which moving company would you recommend? Jeannette Bournival 6/8/2017
Southern Oregon Relocation Specialists Linda Farland with Southern Oregon Relocation Specialists was very good. Elaine Plaisance 6/8/2017
Mortuary It has been called to our attention (more than once) that we are required to specify, on our Resident Information Sheet, a local mortuary to be called when we die. Any recommendations? It should be one that will be in business 40 years from now! Winnie Renta 8/9/2012
Name forgotten
Winnie, John and I wish to be cremated, and there is a place which everyone recommends for that -- I can't remember what the name is - but we were told when we originally filled this out to put 'Least expensive but honest, reputable place that does cremations" down along with the phone number "541-770-6505" and under the "Burial Type" to put "Cremation - cardboard coffin". We were told that, for us and our wishes, that would work. This may not be appropriate for you at all if your wishes are different. Elizabeth Escher 8/9/2012
Hillcrest Mortuary
North Phoenix Road
The Funeral Society recommended Hillcrest Mortuary on North Phoenix Road. Kit Stanford 8/10/2012
Oriental rug cleaning

Can anyone recommend a good oriental rug cleaner. Just any carpet cleaner will not do. I am looking for someone who washes rugs and hangs them to dry.

Joanne Hafner 3/24/2015
Amirkhan’s Oriental Rugs
Grants Pass
This company did beautiful work on my orientals (two of which are silk)

Amirkhan’s Oriental Rugs
Ted Amirkhan owner and operator
3388 B Merlin Road Suite118
Grants Pass, OR 97526-8828
Ph: 541-218-1334
Showroom at Old Town Antique Mall
541 SW 6th, Grants Pass PH: 541-747-7525
Juanita Bright 3/24/2015
Hollands Carpet Hollands carpet does all my oriental carpets.In fact he brings back my area carpet tomorow Dottie Pridaux 3/24/2015
We had our wall to wall carpets and 3 or 4 oriental rugs cleaned by Kelly's, and we were very pleased with the results. Lance was friendly and a good business man. The phone number is 541-770-8089. Sue Silfvast 1/27/2016
Atiyeh Brothers Oriental Rug cleaning in Portland, Oregon Atiyeh Brothers Oriental Rug cleaning in Portland, Oregon will be in our area March 6 & 7, 2023 to pick up rugs for cleaning. A number of RVM people have used this company. I found out about them last year (and used them) because they had advertised in the Mail Tribune. They did an excellent job--the best I've ever had done. I don't need my rug cleaned this year, but want to share this information in case you need this kind of service. Before using them, I had used a variety of local services, but the job the "locals" did was not particularly satisfactory. Atiyeh will pick up your rug at a specified time and return it a couple of weeks later, also at a specified time. I was 100% happy with their service. Call 541-342-3678 for pricing. Their website is Atiyeh Bros. | Oregon's Rug and Carpet Experts since 1900 Mary Bjorkholm 2/13/23
Pet care      
Picture Framing      
On the Wall Recently had framing done at "On the Wall". Did a great job in record time.
It is run by Jim Curtis (son of former resident, Lynn Curtis).
Marion Powell 11/8/2012
RV Services

1) James Furgerson 541-826-2550--came out and did this for $80 -- which includes removal and putting the cover back in it's box next Spring -- $80. He also winterizes and does other services.
2) Mike Gaswint- 541-646-2435 called me back, but I'd already contracted with James - -would have charged $82.50 -- to cover and also undo next Spring

1)Yellow Submarine -- on Center St. in Medford -- Ladies day (Tuesday) was 10% less -- total cost was $135 -- super good job of washing, waxing, and hand polishing.
2) Dave Knapp-Rogue Hydro-Clean-541-324-3355 -- Recommended, but didn't call back so I don't know anything about him

We use All RV Needs to winterize -- $50. Many of our group do this themselves, but we are happy with All RV Needs -- the price includes de-winterizing next Spring.

Mary Bjorkholm Nov 29, 2014
Storage facility

We plan to arrive mid July with a big truckload of furniture that won't fit in our present one bedroom cottage. Can anyone recommend a storage facility? It may be stored for some time until we can move to a larger cottage.

Don and Sharleen Jessup 6/11/2015
Pear Tree Storage,

I highly recommend Pear Tree Storage in Phoenix just south of the big overpass construction on Fern Valley Road at I-5. They are very clean and secure. The only problem may be availability. Good luck...

Diane Vaughan 6/11/2015
Cascade Self Storage,
1011 Narregan Street,
(541) 779-6789
We stored our furniture at Cascade Self Storage, 1011 Narregan Street, Medford, for several months when we first came. Very nice experience. Clean, reasonable, safe, and very friendly, helpful, and responsible on-site managers. They have senior discounts, too. Highly recommend them! Their phone number is (541) 779-6789. They have many different sized units. Cascade Self Storage also has a place on Main Street, but Narregan has the larger sized units. After we moved most of our things in, we downsized to a smaller unit on Narregan for a few months to store some other things. Jane & Robin Blomquist 6/11/2015
Tax preparaton Does anyone have a good and reasonable tax accountant to recommend us to use? I would appreciate to have the name, email address, and phone number. By the way, when you consult tax accountants for the first time, do they always ask for the tax returns for the previous two years? Kim Wu 3/5/2016
Dorothy Walsh
I can recommend Dorothy Walsh who has done our taxes for the past several years. We are quite satisfied with her work. Her practice is in Ashland. Her number is: 541-482-4748. I don’t recall her asking us for previous two years’ tax returns. Russy & Anita Sumariwalla 3/5/2016
Curtis Robertson
We have used Curtis Robertson on the ground floor of the Manor since we moved here and he will be doing our taxes for the sixth time. We are very pleased with him and he is very familiar with all the workings of the Manor. When we first moved here we had three states to file in and now we only have two but he does a great job. Elizabeth and Don Blue 3/5/2016

I'm going to Curtis downstairs for my 1st tax experience, we meet next week. And yes, they usually ask for two years of returns.

Salome Sato 3/5/2016
Curtis Robertson I use Curtis Robertson whose office is on the ground floor of the Manor. I have been very satisfied with him. Keith Stewart 3/5/2016
Curtis Robertson Curtis Robertson here at the Manor has been very helpful for us. He has not asked for two years in the past. I am not sure how reasonable is defined. Bert Chumbler 3/5/2016
Curtis Robertson Curtis Robertson does our work and is very competent and convenient to us with staff and office in the Manor ground floor. We had a CPA in Newport Or who did a bad job in 2013 and Curtis quickly took our incomplete data and got us refunds by amending returns for 3 years---I could not recommend him more highly. Lou Yardumian 3/5/2016
Tire air

Hi All — Where is the best place to get air in my tires?? I am fed up with that rickety contraption at Freddies where you get 5 minutes for $1.50 — and the gauge is so worn out you can barely read it. Appreciate any guidance — thanks in advance

Grace Abbott 12/28/2018
Les Schwab

Take your tire problems to Les Schwab on south Pacific Hwy just past the Grange. They fix flats for free, check air pressure for free, even sell you new tires if you need them, but don't push them on you every time you sow up. I buy my new ones there, which means they rotate and rebalance them, for free, every 5 to 7 thousand miles.

Mike Heverly 12/28/2018
Les Schwab I take our cars to one of the three Les Schwab tire dealers in Medford (see below).  They will check your tire pressures (FREE) during your short wait (usually 5 minutes or less) in a warm customer area enjoying FREE popcorn.  Obviously, Les Schwab hopes you may consider buying tires from them at the appropriate time.
• 500 Matt Loop, Medford, OR 97501(South Pacific Hwy)
• 5816, 701 N Central Ave, Medford, OR 97501(center of town)
• 2095 Commerce Dr, Medford, OR 97504 (North on Crater Lake Hwy)
Bill Jacobs 12/28/2018
TV Recording/DVR/Tivo I am thinking of alternatives to my Charter’s DVR and heard that TiVo might be a good improvement. If you have TiVo, will you kindly share your experience with me. Specifically I want to know:  
1 Is it easy to install and connect to our Charter cable TV?
2 Is there a monthly service fee (TiVo and/or Charter)?
3 How many hours of recording it would provide?
4 Can it burn a DVD disk to extract recorded programs?
5 And more importantly, are you happy and/or would you recommend such a device?
YC Wu 11/14/2017
Tivo Grace and I have a TIVO that lets us record 2 programs simultaneously (maybe 3, I forgot). Very easy user interface, and we couldn’t live without it. We never watch real-time TV and record everything we want to watch so we can fast-forward through commercials. I believe we bought a life-time (of the TIVO) subscription. Enjoy it, Nils Nillson 11/14/2017
Tivo I had TiVo in hon n was very satisfied  the ease n service.  We had the annual contract n later switched to a lifetime membership.  I don’t recall the details of services or costs as it was more than 8 Yrs ago.  Thought it was better than DVD service offered by our cable co, who has since been taken over by Charter.  Salome Sato 11/14/2017
Roku My son suggested that Instead of getting TiVo that I buy a Roku device sold by Amazon which will stream all movies etc. direct to your television. you might want to look into that service as it’s the latest technology available as opposed to paying monthly fees.  Salome Sato 11/14/2017
Upholsterer In need of re-upholstering some cushions. Is anyone aware of a good local upholstery business? Jean & Maggie 5/12/12
Black Oak Furniture Repair and Restoration Black Oak Furniture Repair and Restoration has done great upholstery work for me. Roberta Bhasin 5/12/12
Call for names We have several we use if you would like to give me a call. Jim Van Horn 5/12/12
Renaissance Upholstery & Design
110 N. 5th St.
(541) 899-5608

Hi Jean and Maggie, John and I have used Renaissance Upholstery& Design to reupholster two of our Louis living room chairs. It's a one man shop and he is very busy - located in Jacksonville. Phone number (541) 899-5608. Address: 110 N. 5th St. He and his wife, Kathleen, are delightful and he is a perfectionist. Give us a call & stop by to see our chairs. They also have lots of fabric books for you to look through. At the time he did our chairs, he did not charge for pick-up or delivery. We found a write-up of him and his shop in the "Southern Oregon" magazine a few years back. We not only found him and his wife to be so accommodating but very personable as well.

Carmen Aitken 5/13/12
Thompson Upholstery
1111 N.central Ave.
Ste. C
I used Thompson Upholstery at 1111 N.central Ave .Ste .C, Medford Or 97501 541 773 9830. He did a sofa for me 3 years ago and I was very pleased Connie Matthews 9/25/2012
Thompson Upholstery
Black Oak Furniture
Lozier Lane
The excellent upholsterer we have used and think is the best is Thompson upholstery, phone no. 773-9830
The other is Black Oak Furniture on Lozier Lane. They are especially good at resotoration.
Mary Jane Dellenback 4/17/2014
  I would appreciate any recommendation for an upholsterer in our area. I have used Black Oak but they are overly booked – out four months. Please e-mail me if you know of anyone else locally. Thank you Carol Jacobs 1/8/2015
Michael Valencia
I've used Michael Valencia for many many years. His number is 541-734-7375. He's just working out of his home in Central Pt. now. He is good and, I think, very reasonable. Jan Rowe 1/8/2015
>RB Custom Upholstery RB Custom Upholstery just did a terrific job on our couch. Their info is:
RB Custom Upholstery
1433 Larkspur Ave.
Medford, OR
(541) 830-1999
The owners are Jeff and Deb Wilson. We highly recommend them.
Upholstery cleaning We are looking for recommendations for a local upholstery cleaner. Our furniture is white, so we need someone good. Thanks Pat & Paul Berglund 8/16/2020
Kelly's I would recommend Kelly's. I found them because I was looking for someone and they were working down the street. They have done my rugs and a white sofa. 541-779-8089. Jane Bardin 8/16/2020
Spectrum Cleaners and Upholstery
I have used Spectrum Cleaners and Upholstery in Medford for the past four years. (I have two messy dogs.) They have done a fabulous job for me and have been fast and reliable. Their phone number is 541-941-9521. Good luck. Janet Bourque 8/16/2020
K & L Chem-Dry
We have used K & L Chem-Dry 541-773-4115 a couple of times and been very pleased. Bert Chumbler 8/16/2020
Kelly's I use Kelly's Susan Ball 8/16/2020
Nature's Miracles, Stain and Odor Remover Bob may already have told you about the wonderful solution we have - Nature's Miracles, Stain and Odor Remover. Our is labled Just for Cats. Don't know if there are others. It is enzymatic - and says it is :for use on carpets, floors, furniture, clothing & more." I have had it remove pigment on only one rug. It seems to work on wool as well as synthetics. Maybe it would work for you. We use so much (cats vomit) that we buy the large size and decant into the spay bottle we first bought. Daphne Fautin 8/16/2020
Vacuum Repair and Sewing Needs




1017 Knutson Ave.
Medford, Or


This place has been "around' since my parents lived at RVM--maybe 20 years, at least. Green's used to be located in the Safeway Shopping Center off Crater Lake Ave, but "moved" and I thought they had gone out of business when I saw they were no longer there. I didn't "remember" the name of the store so couldn't look them up. Instead, I found they had moved to a new location (been there quite a few years already) that is on a side street off Biddle Rd. near the airport. Because I didn't know they were still "around", I used another repair place a couple of years ago. Expensive and not very good. I "rediscovered" Green's and just had a repair done by them. THEY ARE WONDERFUL. CAN DO ANY KIND OF REPAIR AND ARE VERY "REASONABLE".

Mary Bjorkholm 10/24/2013

We are new residents and are wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a local veterinarian. (We have a kitty and want to get her introduced to her new health provider fairly soon).  Thanks,

Karen Frair 4/3/2017
Dr. Dwight Sinner
Siskiyou Veterinary Hospital
We have lived in the valley for many years and have gone to Dr. Dwight Sinner for all of that time.  He is at Siskiyou Veterinary Hospital – 100 West Stewart – (541)210-8194.  He is wonderful! I have also heard many good things about Dr. Steve Poet.  He is at the Best Friends Animal Hospital in the Larson Creed Center (Albertson’s is there). Either one of these men would be a very good choice. Carol Jacobs 4/3/2017
Dr. Barnard
Medford Animal Hospital

Dr. Barnard at the Medford Animal Hospital, 619 Market St. (off Biddle Rd. between McAndrews and Stevens,) has taken expert care of my kittycat.  I highly recommend them.  Fees are reasonable, unlike some others nearby. helen russ

Helen Russ 4/3/2017
Dr. Steve Poet Karen, I highly recommend Dr. Steve Poet.  He has an excellent reputation, is most compassionate, has an excellent staff, and is reasonable in charges.   He is located nearby - 980  N. Phoenix Rd -   in the "strip mall"of businesses across from La Casa Flores restaurant. I had him as my dog's vet for several years, and I consider him the best I have ever seen. Ev Wadsworth 4/3/2017
Danna Catt
Pear Blossom Vet Clinic
I use Danna Catt (yes, really) at Pear Blossom Vet Clinic. I've gone to her for years and have always been very satisfied. Anne Nicholson 4/3/2017
Steve Poet
Best Friends Animal Hospital
Steve Poet (Best Friends Animal Hospital). Chuck Chase 4/3/2017
Dr. Harder
VCA Jackson Animal Hospital

Hi, I have two poodles and have been here for only eight months.  I am very satisfied with my new Vet, Dr. Harder (and his assistants) and VCA Jackson Animal Hospital on 902 East Jackson.  541-779-4893.  They are used by a lot of RVM residents. 

Janet Bourque 4/3/2017
Dr Steven Poet
Best Friends Animal Hospital

we take both of our kitties to Dr Steven Poet, at Best Friends Animal Hospital in the Albertson’s shopping center (N. Phoenix Road & Barnett) - he’s a great guy & a wonderful vet - also took care of our basset hound when we first got here.

Sandye Taylor 4/3/2017
Dr. Poet Definitely Dr. Poet,  as I am sure all the other animal lovers here will tell you.     I originally went to another in town and you would laugh at the stories I could tell you, padding of bills, etc. and Dr. Poet just seems to be completely caring about the well being of your pet.      Good luck.  Harriet Ross Harriet Ross 4/3/2017
Dr.Barnard Dr.Barnard is great. Jack Wellinger 4/3/2017
Steve Poet We are very happy with Steve Poet.  He is located in the shopping center that houses Albertson's (off Foothill).  Close by and friendly.  He treats our 15 year old dog. Anne Newins 4/3/2017
Dr. Poet The absolute best vet in the area, beloved by RVM residents is Dr. Poet at Best Friends Animal Hospital, 980 N Phoenix Rd (541) 770-7039 - in the Albertson's plaza opposite Si Casa Flores. Peter Grassam 4/3/2017
Dr. Poet Dr. Poet over by Albertsons has taken excellent care of our cats. Roberta Bhasin 4/3/2017
Siskiyou Veterinary Hospital

We take our 2 cats to Siskiyou Veterinary Hospital (on Stewart just the other side of 99)  It was recommended by our dog-owning neighbor when we moved in 2 years ago.  So far 2 routine visits (exam, shots, etc.) for each, plus one teeth-cleaning.  We've been positively impressed by the staff and service, but we have no local comparisons or heavy-duty medical experiences. 

Bob Buddemeier 4/3/2017
Steve Poet
Best Friends Animal Hospital
I use Steve Poet, who owns Best Friends Animal Hospital of East Medford, at 980 N. Phoenix Road, Suite #103, Medford, OR. 97504.  His number is 541-770-7039.  When we first moved here, some ten years ago, I asked a number of friends here I had met over numerous visits, and they all recommended him.  I have not been disappointed, and I’ve used him for a number of rescue cats over the years (some quite old and not in great shape when I rescued them).  If you decide to try them, tell them I recommended you, and ask for him. (You may want to use others there, but start with him until you know the others.)  I am 74 years old, have lived with cats all my life, and have never had a veterinarian I liked as well.  Feel free to call me if you have questions. Elizabeth Escher 4/3/2017
Steve Poet DVM Steve Poet DVM, Close-by and Fabulous Mary Bjorkholm 4/3/2017

 I'm sure other residents will recommend the same vet to you:  it's STEVE POET, and his office is on Phoenix Road in the Albertsons shopping Center.

Ron Silverman 4/3/2017
Dr. Steve Poet

We love Dr. Steve Poet.  He loves the animals and talks so you can understand.  We are fortunate to have had him recommended to us.  He is in the shopping center near Albertsons.

Sandy Becker 4/3/2017
Dr. Poet Dr Poet Larson Creek Center south of Albertsons. Gary Crites 4/3/2017
Dr Poet.
Best Friends Animal Hospital

Best Friends Animal Hospital of East Medford Dr Poet is the best, most caring vet we ever had. Look at his website above. You and your kitty will love him.

Larry Shirk 4/3/2017
Dr. Beth
Alder Creek Vet
Alder Creek Vet.  We have taken our 8 year old Golden to Beth at the clinic since he joined our family when he was ten weeks old.  One abdominal surgery and a non surgical removal of a large rock from his stomach and Mac still loves Dr.  Beth.  She is patient and very patient oriented.  She treats her clients with honor and respect.  The Clinic is also very convenient, located less than five minutes from the Manor on Golf View. Dave Baker 4/3/2017
Watch repair Can anyone recommend a good watch repair shop. (Needs more than a new battery.) Barden Finch 8/21/2015
L. C. Antiques
541 779 1115

L. C. Antiques, is a great spot. 541 779 1115

Dot Entorf


L and C Antiques

L and C Antiques on Riverside, has been very good for me. Ned, the owner, has repaired a Ship's Bell and various watches. Becky Hyde 8/21/2015
Lawrence's Jewelers
Main Street
Our family has been using Lawrence's Jewelers on Main Street for years and have been very satisfied with their work, both with watches and jewelry. I would highly recommend them. Judy Hunter 8/21/2015
LC Antiques

I have seen guys working on wristwatches at LC Antiques. This shop did very good work with our grandfather clock and my Chelsea Ship's Bell clock. They are diligent and competent in our experience.

Dan Wagner 8/21/2015
Rogue Valley Mall
You could try Fast-Fix in the Rogue Valley Mall. It's on the bottom floor right outside the Macy's entrance. I think there are some brands they don't fix, though. They had to send my watch off to someone else, but they fix most right on the premises. They seem to know what they're doing, but I don't have a whole lot of experience with them.
Lynda Hansen 8/21/2015
Antique Clocks

There used to be a watch repair store on Popular Street called Antique Clocks, I believe. Mary Jane Dellenback, currently in the Health Center mentioned it had moved and I think she said it around Winco.

Bill Templin 8/21/2015
LC Antiques

An excellent watch place is on Riverside, about a half-mile down from Barnett on the left side. Its something like "LC Antiques", but they specialize in watch and clock repair. Good luck

Bob Norris 8/21/2015
Watch Battery Replacement Where is the best place to go to have the battery replaced in my watch? I have gone to the jewelry store inside Fred Meyers, but they seem pricey to me. All suggestions welcome. Carol Bourret 3/21/2017


Fast Fix Jewelry Repairs

Batteries Plus & Bulbs

LC Antiques



Father and Son Jewelers
Main Street

Wow! what a response I got. Thank you all. And now I'm dying to let you know the findings of my research after calling all the stores based on your suggestions. We'll start with the most expensive, and work towards the winner:

7. A couple of people suggested Walgreens, but although they sell watch batteries, they do not take your watch and install the new battery. Therefore, I disqualified them.

6. Fast Fix Jewelry Repairs in the Mall charges $14.95 for a 1-time replacement, OR $19.95 for a 5-year contract.

5. Batteries Plus & Bulbs over by Costco charges $10 for a 1-time replacement, OR $15 for the lifetime of a specific individual watch.

4. Many people suggested LC Antiques on Riverside where they charge $10 for a 1-time replacement. But wait, it gets better.

3. BlackBird out on Main Street charges $7 for a 1-time replacement.

2. Walmart charges $5.98 for a 1-time replacement, BUT unfortunately they just recently instituted a new policy that you must have bought the watch in their store. Not to worry though, the best is yet to come.

1. All the credit goes to Jim and Amoena Quan who called right away and told me that the best deal in town is Father and Son Jewelers in downtown on Main Street where they charge only $5.00 !!!! (Now that I've told you, I sure hope they don't change their price).

Well, that's where I'm headed (with all of my watches).

Carol Bourret 3/21/2017
Windshield repair Looking for someone good to repair a rock chip in our windshield that has turned into a short crack. Recommendations? Paul Berglund 8/12/2015
AAA If you have AAA insurance like ours, they'll send someone out to replace the windshield and there is no charge to you. Skip Ross 8/12/2015
List of replies

Thanks to all who recommended windshield repair services.
I received 5 votes for Bill's Glass, 3 for Farrells, 2 for Safelite and one for buying a repair kit at an auto parts store.There was a question as to whether or not our insurance would pay for the repair. State Farm, our insurer, used to arrange and pay for this repair, but it doesn't do that any more.

Paul Berglund 8/12/2015
Safelite Auto Glass Corp.

We had the same problem and thru USAA used Safelite Auto Glass Corp. in Medford (541-779-0500 or 541-772-6700). They did a great job start to finish. Were pleasant and did the work in a timely manner.

Marlene Bethke 8/12/2015
Repair kit I think you can buy a little kit at the auto parts store (over by Harry and David) that you can apply to the crack. Ask them and they'll tell you how to do it. Bill Silfvast 8/12/2015
Bill's Glass We went to Bill's glass. One time they replaced the whole windshield, another time they filled in a chip. I'm mot sure about a chip that has started to run. Kit Stanford 8/12/2015
Ferrell's Glass
Front street
Ferrell's glass on Front street repaired cracks in our MH and my car. Jan Rowe 8/12/2015

Safelite Autoglass
Bill's Glass

I've used Safelite Autoglass and also Bill's Glass (no relation) in Medford. Safelite comes to your location with a mobile crew and you need to drive to Bill's Glass for service I believe.

Bill Anderson 8/12/2015
Front Street
Farrell's on Front Street down by the library. Sandy Weller 8/12/2015