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Recreation Favorites

Establishment Description Submitter Date
Activities for Visiting Grandchildren (and ANYONE) Collected Ideas for Activities for Visiting Grandchildren. Ideas collected from RVM residents in February 2022 and updated March 2024. More can be found through Google. The best idea for time with your grandchildren is to spend quality time with just them, enjoying cooking, reading, gardening together or just walking the grounds at RVM to spot turkeys, quail, ducks, deer and rabbits. Barbara Maxfield 3/24/24
MEDFORD RAILROAD PARK MEDFORD RAILROAD PARK (541-613-1638) (open April-Oct; limited times so call in advance) Barbara Maxfiefd 3/24/24
SCIENCEWORKS HANDS-0N MUSEUM SCIENCEWORKS HANDS-0N MUSEUM 1500 E Main St, Ashland (541) 482-6767 Wed-Sun from 10am-5pm Adults 12.50, Child 10.50 (Special rates on first Sunday) Barbara Maxfiefd 3/24/24
THE CHILDREN'S MUSEUM THE CHILDREN'S MUSEUM Arts and crafts, STEAM-based play, maker space, special programming 413 West Main Street, Medford (541-772-9922) Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-5pm Children 15.00; Adults 10 Barbara Maxfiefd 3/24/24
HARRY & DAVID'S FACTORY HARRY & DAVID'S FACTORY tour - tours run Monday-Friday at 9:15am, 10:30am, 12:30pm, and 1:45pm Call ahead for reservations (877) 322 8000 Barbara Maxfiefd 3/24/24
ROGUE ROCK GYM ROGUE ROCK GYM (all levels of rockclimbing) 3001 Samike Drive - (541) 245-2665) Day pass: adults 20, youth 18 Barbara Maxfiefd 3/24/24
CRATER ROCK MUSEUM CRATER ROCK MUSEUM at Central Point Crater Rock Museum houses the finest displays of rocks, minerals and gems on the West Coast. 2002 Scenic Ave, Central Point, OR 97502-2185 Adults 7, seniors 6, students 5 Barbara Maxfiefd 3/24/24
ROGUE VALLEY FAMILY FUN CENTER ROGUE VALLEY FAMILY FUN CENTER (by the Expo) Large indoor/outdoor entertainment hub with arcade games, rides, mini-golf & dining options 1A Penninger Rd, Central Point - Opens 12PM (541) 664-4263 Barbara Maxfiefd 3/24/24
ROGUE X ROGUE X 901 Rossanley Drive, Medford (541-774-2400) State-of-the-art aquatics and events center with two water slides, pool with interactive play structure and outdoor splash pad Open Swim Hours: Monday-Thursday: 11:30am-1:30pm; 6:30-8:30pm Friday: 11:30-1:30pm, 3-5pm, & 6-8pm Saturday: 11-1pm, 2-4 pm & 5-7pm Sunday: 11-1pm, 2-4 pm, 5-7 pm Drop-in fees: youth 5 (resident) or 6 (nonresident); adult 7 (resident) or 8 (nonresident); senior 5 (resident) or 6 (nonresident) Barbara Maxfiefd 3/24/24
BEAR CREEK PARK BEAR CREEK PARK - Playground - Siskiyou Blvd There is so much at this park - a lot of grass, trees for shade, a skate park, tennis courts, kids climbing playground, bathrooms (clean for public park), paved path for walking/bike riding.  Barbara Maxfiefd 3/24/24
COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS - Entertainment area at entrance, Central Point Barbara Maxfiefd 3/24/24
ROGUE VALLEY EQUESTRIAN CENTER ROGUE VALLEY EQUESTRIAN CENTER - horseback riding by appointment -1663 S Stage Rd., Medford Barbara Maxfiefd 3/24/24
SKATEBOARD PARKS SKATEBOARD PARKS in Medford (in Bear Creek Park), Talent and Ashland Barbara Maxfiefd 3/24/24
SPLASH PARKS SPLASH PARKS (usually open from Memorial Day to Labor Day) - recommend were: DON JONES MEMORIAL PARK - 223 W Vilas Rd, Central Point - (541) 664-3321 FICHTNER-MAINWARING PARK - 334 Holmes Ave, Medford Barbara Maxfiefd 3/24/24
***************** WALKS AND HIKES 6/9/24
RVM CAMPUS RVM CAMPUS - walk the dirt road below the west side of the Plaza and look for squirrels, deer, jackrabbits and deer; acorn woodpeckers, jays and other birds. Barbara Maxfiefd 3/24/24
BEAR CREEK GREENWAY BEAR CREEK GREENWAY - walking and bike path - many approaches (see website map) Barbara Maxfiefd 3/24/24
LARSON CREEK PATH LARSON CREEK PATH - nearby, parallels Barnett Road and extends east from the Bear Creek Greenway through primarily residential neighborhoods to North Phoenix Road - enter from Ellendale or Junipero Barbara Maxfiefd 3/24/24
LITHIA PARK LITHIA PARK in Ashland - beautiful gardens, trails and playground Barbara Maxfiefd 3/24/24
BRITT LOOP TRAIL BRITT LOOP TRAIL from Britt Park parking lot (Jacksonville) - several trails Barbara Maxfiefd 3/24/24
**************** FURTHER AFIELD 6/9/24
ROXY ANN and TABLE ROCK ROXY ANN and TABLE ROCK Hikes Barbara Maxfiefd 3/24/24
OREGON CAVES OREGON CAVES - Cave Junction, OR 97523 Barbara Maxfiefd 3/24/24
LAKE OF THE WOODS LAKE OF THE WOODS - 43 miles East of Medford toward Klamath FALLS - a natural lake near the crest of the Cascade Range in the Fremont-Winema National Forest Barbara Maxfiefd 3/24/24
MacGREGOR PARK MacGREGOR PARK at Lost Creek (Highway 62) and then follow the road first to visit the fish hatchery and then beyond to the top of the dam. Barbara Maxfiefd 3/24/24
PACIFIC CREST TRAIL PACIFIC CREST TRAIL (go up Hwy 66); walk part of the trail; lunch at Green Springs Inn. Barbara Maxfiefd 3/24/24
THE GLASS FORGE GALLERY THE GLASS FORGE GALLERY & STUDIO ( 501 SW G Street, Grants Pass (541-955-0815) Monday-Friday 8am-5pm; Saturday 10am-4pm Barbara Maxfiefd 3/24/24
WILDLIFE IMAGES WILDLIFE IMAGES in Merlin (near Grants Pass) animal rehab center - 11845 Lower River Rd, Grants Pass (541) 476-0222 Barbara Maxfiefd 3/24/24
THE BEAR HOTEL THE BEAR HOTEL 2101 NE Spalding Ave, Grants Pass Call 541-479-3351 to schedule a tour Monday-Friday at no charge Barbara Maxfiefd 3/24/24
ALPACA RANCH ALPACA RANCH at Lone Ranch (541) 821-8071 Reservations 13856 Weowna Way, White City, OR 97503-8535 Barbara Maxfiefd 3/24/24
HELLGATE JETBOAT EXCURSIONS HELLGATE JETBOAT EXCURSIONS - 966 SW 6th St, Grants Pass 541) 479-7204 Barbara Maxfiefd 3/24/24
CRATER LAKE CRATER LAKE & walks along Rogue River (Hwy 62) Barbara Maxfiefd 3/24/24
WILDLIFE SAFARI WILDLIFE SAFARI - 600-acre zoo with animals from around the world & a 4.5-mile drive-thru loop - 1790 Safari Rd, Winston, OR 97496 Barbara Maxfiefd 3/24/24
House Boats on Lake Shasta We're researching the Shasta Lake offering for house boats for our family next summer. Do any of you have experience in renting a house boat there and, if so, do you have recommendations for an outfit that we should or should not consider. We would appreciate any and all input. Thank You. Janet Ross 11/20/2011
Performing Arts      
Performing Arts Reviews Yesterday I met a person (Lee Greene) who has a very interesting and useful website called Performing Arts Reviews. He has been an arts critic for the Mail Tribune. His website offers:
(1) An updated calendar about what's playing on a specific day
(2) He also presents an extensive set of reviews of theatrical plays and musicals, of live music concerts and recitals spanning a wide range of genres from classical to jazz to pop to country and more, of films shown at festivals and special events, and of various other performing arts events, presented in the numerous performing arts venues in Southern Oregon.
The website can be accessed at:

Or just do:
Bill Silfvast 11/24/2015
Antlers Resort
140 Antlers Road CA 96051
(530) 238-2553
I rented a house boat 2 years ago from Antlers Resort. It was very nice ..had a hot tub and was fully equiped with everything we needed except a wine opener. It said it would sleep 15 which was a stretch of the imagination, but it had 2 staterooms, extra bunks, hideabed etc. We went in July . I would suggest an early date as the lake can get very low late in the season, which means high side banks. Feel free to call me with questions. Audrey Scannell 11/21/2011
Travel -- Galapagos Mike and I are planning a trip during the next year to the Galapagos Islands and Machu Picchu. Our baseline trip for comparison purposes is one by Road Scholar (formerly Elderhostel). We have traveled with Elderhostel before; also with National Geographic.
If you have suggestions of other companies that we should research, we would appreciate hearing from you.
Winnie & Mike Renta 8/17/2014
Overseas Adventure Travel We went with Overseas Adventure Travel way back in 1998. Small groups, about 16-18. Jim Quan 8/18/2014
Tauck Tours Wayne and I have used Tauck Tours several times and would again. Cec Garrett 8/18/2014
Grand Circle, Collette Robin and I have traveled with Grand Circle 4 times and really like their tours. We also have gone with Collette twice and had great experiences there, too. We have felt that both Grand Circle and Collette are interesting, education, and good value. We were gifted a trip on Tauck and that was nice but very laid back and not as educational as we like. Many years ago we went with Grand European when they were still good; then they became enveloped by Far and Wide and those tours were not as good; one was a disaster. We have not traveled with them since them separated themselves again and are just Grand European. Jane Blomqist 8/18/2014
Vantage Darlene and I traveled with Vantage several times and were very pleased with them. They stay in some better venues and their guides are great! Keith Stewart 8/18/2014
Travel agents Please help me find a good travel agent by recommending your favorite. Thank you. Shirley Buckley 5/13/2015
Carolyn Hagert
We have been very happy with Carolyn Hagert as a travel agent. She is at AAA at the bottom of the hill here on Barnett. Phone number, 541.618.4075. Mike Heverly 5/14/2015
Patricia Aitkens,
I have been using Patricia Aitkens, AAA located on Barnett Rd. , 541/618-4076. She is local and one does not need to be a member of AAA to use her service. I have found her to be very knowledgeable and quite helpful. She also saved me a lot of money on my current reservations to Europe. Bob Carter 5/14/2015
Carolyn Haggert
I've used Carolyn Haggert at AAA-Medford for 20+ years. She really knows her "stuff" Mary Jane Morrison 5/14/2015
Ranee Houk
I worked with Ranee Houk this week at AAA. I am so impressed with her friendly, professional, effective manner. I would heartily recommend her.I would also advise travelers to NOT do business with an online service called Ranee at AAA did for me in an hour what could not do in a week. Jeannette Bournival 5/16/2015
Katelin Gothard
We also had very good service from another AAA travel counselor, Katelin Gothard; she's very cheery and efficient.
Mary and George Whinery 5/17/2015
Angel Loveland
Grace and I should have added Angel Loveland at AAA. She was outstanding! Nils Nilsson 5/20/2015
Carolyn Hagert
I would like to add Carolyn Hagert at AAA as a travel agent under the category of Recreation. Carolyn Hagert, AAA 1777 E. Barnett, 541-618 4075. I have used Carolyn for 15 years. She pays attention to detail, looks out for your interest and savings. Jamie Harris 9/28/2019
Carolyn Hagert
John and I also used Carol Hagert at AAA for many years for our vacation needs. She is pleasant, thorough and pays attention to detail. Carmen Aitken 9/28/2019
Carolyn Hagert
Another vote of support for Carolyn Hagert at AAA. In addition to the other kudos, is the convenience of the AAA location at the corner of Ellendale and Barnett. And she is available by email to answer those pesky little questions that don't require an immediate answer or an appointment for a face-to-face meeting. Gini Armstrong and Ron Constable 9/28/2019
Carolyn Hagert
Bob and I are very pleased with Carolyn Hagert Mary Jo Moore 9/28/2019
Ranee Houk
I also recommend travel agent Ranee Houk at AAA. She is proficient, accessible, and professional. She has helped us in tight spots several times. Lannette Moutos 9/28/2019
Ranee Houk
Yes, she (Ranee Houk) is the agent I usually deal with. Very, very good and efficient...and nice, even when I had to cancel a trip that involved two separate tweddings, one in So. Cal. and the other in NY, (on New Year's Eve!) with a tour of the Caribbean in between! She cancelled all the hard work she did to coordinate these trips into one package, without hesitation, questioning, or irritation! Amazing! (I had to cancel because of a bad cold.) Geri shimabukuro 9/28/2019