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Oregon Coast


I will be traveling up the Oregon Coast from Brookings to perhaps as far north as Astoria. I would appreciate the names and contact information for mid-price range motels, B&Bs &/or resorts that RVM residents have found to be their favorites. Many thanks!

Gail Lundholm 7/23/2017
Best Western Beachfront Inn

The Best Western Beachfront Inn in Brookings is reasonable, adequate but not fancy, and has a great location right on the beach.  Stairs only, no elevator. 16008 Boat Basin Rd, Brookings, OR 97415
Phone: (541) 469-7779

Pat Berglund 7/23/2017
Cannery Pier Hotel
In Astoria, we love the location of the Cannery Pier Hotel.  It is built on pilings right out in the Columbia River.  Oceangoing ships pass by so close to your room that you feel like you can reach out and touch them.  It is not inexpensive, and beware of foggy weather.  When the fog rolls in, you can't see anything.  A side note: the small Columbia River Maritime Museum in Astoria is great for conveying an up-close and personal sense of how dangerous it is to navigate the ferocious Columbia River. Pat Berglund 7/23/2017
Casa Rubio
Smith River, California
The Casa Rubio is just a smidgen south of Brookings, but it's in Smith River, California, not Oregon.  It's a unique place with a small group of idiosyncratic rooms--each one different in shape, size and style--and it's not too expensive. The ocean view is a bit far away but there's an easy path to walk down to the beach.  17285 Crissey Ln, Smith River, CA 95567   Phone: (707) 487-4313 Pat Berglund 7/23/2017
Stephanie Inn
Cannon Beach
Many people here love the Stephanie Inn in Cannon Beach, but it's very pricey. Pat Berglund 7/23/2017

Northern Oregon

Portland B&B      
Sandes of Time Bed & Breakfast
Portland, Oregon
Are you looking for a place to stay near Portland? Then Sandes of Time Bed & Breakfast should be on your short list. About 10 years ago, Al and Terry Sande bought a time-worn century old home on an overgrown three acre rocky knoll near the Willamette River. During the next five years they fully restored it, even enhancing the design to create four guest rooms with private baths, and a theater in the previously unfinished basement. Rock crushers reshaped the hill top to provide a circular drive with guest parking. 300 truckloads of topsoil were molded into manicured lawns and flower beds. Terry furnished all the rooms with period furniture, paint and wall paper, even making the curtains herself. The result, an obvious labor of love, is a delight to see. When we arrived for our stay, Al greeted us with a tour of the house before showing us to our spacious and very comfortable room. The next morning, he served us and the other guests a delicious breakfast that Terry was preparing in the kitchen adjacent to our dining room. Several times during our stay we had opportunities to chat with Al and Terry, hearing about the history of the house and their experiences preparing it for its B&B mission. By the time we checked out, we had fully achieved the promise of the sign by the front door - “Enter as strangers, leave as friends”. For further information, including more about the house’s history and photos of the house and rooms, check out Terry’s web site at
Skip Ross 8/6/2012

Central Oregon

Eugene hotels Any recommendations or comments for hotels in Eugene? Thanks. Elizabeth Escher 8/17/2016
Downtown Hilton or Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Hilton or Hilton Garden Inn if you are working at the university via Elizabeth 8/17/2016
Hilton Hilton (fine and centrally located) via Elizabeth 8/17/2016
Inn at the 5th Inn at the 5th (boutique luxury immediately adjacent to the U of O ... service superb ... valet parking … complimentary glass of wine upon check-in ...bring your wallet) via Elizabeth 8/17/2016
Valley River Inn Valley River Inn on the river … walking path …great restaurant … and by Valley River Center Mall via Elizabeth 8/17/2016

Southern Oregon

Eastern Oregon

RV Parks
Personal Ratings file Since 1997 we have been vacationing in our motorhome -- a 27'Lazy Daze Class C. At each site where we camped, we kept a description with a personally-assigned rating of 1-5. This is posted on line, in case it might be useful to others. The file is:
Skip Ross 10/3/2015