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Health Care Favorites

Establishment Description Submitter Date
Acupuncture Does anyone have the name of - or had success with - a good acupuncturist in the Valley? Carmen Aitken August 3, 2014
Dr. Tara
Barnett Road
Yes, Dr. Tara on Barnett Road. Marion Powell August 3, 2014
Jerry Senogles
Medford Acupuncture on Jackson
Jerry Senogles at Medford Acupuncture on Jackson. He is experienced and excellent Mary Jane Dellenback August 3, 2014
Kara Miller
Jade Mountain Medicine
190 Oak St., Ashland
I highly recommend Kara Miller at Jade Mountain Medicine, 190 Oak St., Ashland. 541-482-2107. Well worth the 20 minute trip each way.
My previous acupuncturist in McMinnville OR reviewed the qualifications of all the local folks, then interviewed many of them in order to find the best. Kara came out on top.
Peter Grassam 8/4/2014
  I would love the name of a good acupuncturist. Does anyone know the name of one in the area? Helen McCrea 3/20/2015
Jerry Senogles
Medford Acupuncture
Jerry Senogles at Medford Acupuncture has been mine for years. Educated in China, not Chinese, did good for me. Mary Jane Dellenback 3/20/2015
David Tara
Three Treasures Chinese Medicine
I have used David Tara of Three Treasures Chinese Medicine. 1615 E Barnett, phone 541-245-1333. He is at the bottom of the hill, next to AAA. Rachel Lathrop 3/20/2015
Middleway Medicine
Try Middleway Medicine in Talent. Lynda Hansen 3/20/2015
Jeanne Normand White
Jeanne Normand White, MSOM, L.Ac
Jackson County Physical Therapy
776 2333
Here in Medford. She does good work.
Doyne Mraz 3/20/2015
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Cardiac doctor Hi. We need a Recommendation for a good cardiac doctor. Thanks. Joni Johnson 9/29/20
Dr. Kent Dauterman I can recommend Dr. Kent Dauterman of Southern Oregon Cardiology. He did my heart valve replacement surgery (TAVR) last Dec. (541) 930-7222 520 Medical Center Dr. Ste 200 Julie Anderson 9/29/20
Dr. Kent Dauterman And I got a couple of stents from Dr. Kent Dauterman 5 years ago. Susan Knapp 9/29/20
Dr. Huth Paul sees Dr. Huth at Southern Oregon Cardiollogy Leslie Schettler 9/29/20
Dr. Dauterman Hi Joni -- Just to chime in -- Nils had Dr. Dauterman -- and we also knew him because he and Nils coached a "Robotics" team at St. Mary's together. A really fine person. Grace Abbott 9/29/20
Dr. Gross The best man in the area is Dr. Gross @ SO OR Cardiology Center 541/9307222. He is semi-retired, but he is the best doctor I have ever met! Good luck. Helen Russ 9/29/20
Brian Gross Al goes to Brian Gross who is considered the “dean” of cardiologists in the area, but I don’t know if he is taking new patients. He is in the Southern Oregon Cardiology group across from Asante’s RRMC at 520 Medical Center Drive Suite 200. There are 16 docs in that clinic and most are quite good. 541-930-7222 Sally Densmore 9/29/20
Dr. Dauterman I really like Dr. Dauterman and his partners. His partners are very good procedural technicians. John Jones 9/29/20
Mark Moran I have used Mark Moran, M.D. I don't know if you will need a referal ... Excellent rep. Clancy Todd 9/29/20
Dr. Kent Dauterman Jack had a TAVR and recommends Dr. Kent Dauterman, 520 Medical Center Dr. Ste 200 Medford - 5542-930-7222 Joanne Hafner 9/29/20
Dr. Kent Dautermann Dr. Kent Dautermann is excellent! Sue Silfvast 9/29/20
Dr Hong Joni, I go to Dr Hong at Southern Oregon Cardiology; she is well trained and from the University of Washington. Anyone in that group is good. They are on the campus of Asante hospital. Wishing you the best! Sandy Becker 9/29/20
Dr. Dauterman I am very happy with Dr. Dauterman. (541-930-7222). He found that I had a main artery to my heart 99% blocked, and inserted a Stent. All went well and I feel good about recommending him. Joyce Heintz 9/29/20
Dauterman Dauterman at Southern Oregon Cardiology. Modest credentials: Valedictorian at Johns Hopkins Chief Resident at the Cleveland Clinic Dennis Q Murphy 9/29/20
David Martin My husband really liked David Martin. Lynda Hansen 9/29/20
Dr. Hong Jack and I both saw Dr. Hong once each for basic check ups and liked her. Anne Newins 9/29/20
Brian Gross
Kent Dautermann
Brian Gross is retired and is no longer taking patients. He was the best of all of them. Kent {Dauterman} is great; he just did a TAVR for me. Doyne Mraz 9/29/20
Chiropractor Have you had a satisfactory experience with a chiropractor? Most 'medical' folks will say: "but the chiropractor might make your case worse". They haven't helped or we wouldn't be thinking about a chiropractor. Please let us know if there is a chiropractor you went to that was effective. Thank you Bea & Jim Holeman May 28, 2013
Stephen Bender
Kathleen Manlee
1745 Ashland Street
I have been going to: Stephen Bender for chiropractic adjustments (he now gives me massages to boot). His wife is also a chiropractor- Kathleen Manlee. I have just sent Emely Rued (who is a manor resident on the 3rd floor of the Plaza) to Kathleen and she seems very happy with her! Their professional number is: 541-482-3362 and they are in: 1745 Ashland Street in Ashland,Oregon (just 15-20 minutes from Medford by car). Let me know if you want any more information about them. Ilana Rubenfeld May 29, 2013
  Sue and I are looking for a good chiropractor in the Medford area, especially one who specializes in the 'non-force' method. Any suggestions? Someone mentioned a person to us recently but we can't remember who it was. Bill Silfvast July 21, 2014
Marc Heller and Matt Terreri in Ashland Marc Heller and Matt Terreri in Ashland are very good and use low force. The name of their practice is "Sport and Spine". Lynda Hansen July 21, 2014
Miven Donato
1314 Center Dr. #F
I think you would find that Miven Donato here in Medford would meet your needs very well. He's located at 1314 Center Dr. #F which is behind Harry and David's retail outlet. You can contact him by e-mail at: Miven is also a physical therapist. I'm not a devotee of chiropractors in general, but I've have very good experiences with Miven for pain relief. Don Provence July 21, 2014
Dennis Coplan
Ellendale and Barnett
I recommend chiropractor Dennis Coplan. We have been going to him since 1985. He will use non-force methods if you prefer. He will readily tell you when you need to see a physician rather than himself. His office is very close – at the corner of Ellendale and Barnett. Ed Nicholson July 21, 2014
Jason Gutches is at
1150 Crater Lake Ave
(541) 245-9242
The Chiropracter that both Gerri and I have seen and we are happy with is Jason Gutches DC. He was recommended to us by Gene & Arla Ritter, who live at the end of our street. Jason Gutches is at 1150 Crater Lake Ave, Medford. His telephone is (541) 245-9242. He is a young man, very knowledgeable and is gentle. We trust him. Don & Gerri Bolles July 22, 2014
Replied directly to Bill Silfvast Dr. Jared L. Dance
Active Health and Chiropractic and Massage Therapy
10093 Royal Court
Referred to Ollie by the Recreation Staff Stephen Drabik
Recommended by Entorfs Gail Flock
1550 Middle Rd.
Recommended by D’ Angelos Mark Heller and Matt Terreri
“Sports and Spine” (low force technique)
Ashland Dr. Gary Reed
2009 Aero Way (behind Costco)
Recommended by Elizabeth Powers Robert Chiropractic (Scott Robert)
410 N. Main
Various responders Various dates
  Does anyone have a chiropractor to recommend? It must be someone who takes Medicare clients. Thanks in advance. Joanne Hafner 6/10/2015
Scott Roberts
410 N. Main
I have a great chiropractor –Scott Roberts. His office is in Ashland at 410 N. Main at the corner of Hersey, tel. no. 541.482.2904. Al Solomon 6/12/2015
Miven Donato
1314 Center Dr # F
(541) 857-2678
Miven Donato — He is both a chiropractor and physical therapist. You may find him to be a food or diet “nut", not unlike Phillip Payden and John Yanos on this topic, but he will not be in anyway offensive or pushy about this other interest of his. I’ve not used a lot of chiropractors, but I have used Riven who was recommended by a physician. Miven was very helpful for me. Don Provence 6/12/2015
Scott Roberts,
Scott Roberts in Ashland is absolutely excellent, plus they have therapy there. Linda Linda Lingelser 6/12/2015
Active Health Chiropractic and Massage Therapy
Dr. Jared L. Dance
I got a recommendation from a reliable source, when he got here. I have trusted Active Health Chiropractic and Massage therapy Dr. Jared L. Dance phone 541-622-8500 1093 Royal Court, Medford, OR 97504 I really like him. Ollie Sontag 6/10/2015
John Towne
945 Town Center Drive,
Suite C
Marg and I use John Towne. He has just moved to 945 Town Center Drive, Suite C. We both find him to be wonderful and a great Chiropractor who dose take Medicare clients. Pete Funch 6/10/2015
Dr. Glen Gumaer Dr. Glen Gumaer, Chiropractic Physicians Group Fred Sommer referral 9/12/2016
Glenn F. Gumaer, BS DC I have been  very satisfied with Glenn F. Gumaer, BS DC, in fact quite recently.  He practices with the Chiropractic Physicians Group, 3190 State St., Suite 101 in Medford. Barden Finch 2/20/2018
Dentist I am searching for a dentist. I have been to one good dentist already but would like to find another for coverage sake. If you can refer the name of the dentist that you use, it would help me. Keep smiling as we have made it another year! Tillie Macready 1/4/2012
Dr. Miller
East Main Dental Center
East Main
Dr. Miller at East Main Dental Center on East Main... phone...541.773.3422 ....We both like him as do a few others. Good Luck. Gary Crites 1/4/2012
Eugene Meyerding
2940 Siskiyou
Tillie, I HIGHLY recommend Eugene Meyerding who is at 2940 Siskiyou (phone 541-779-5654), Because of ongoing, life-long bone resorption in my jaw I need excellent dental care, and I feel blessed to have found Dr. Meyerding. Barbara, his office manager, would be happy to speak with you. Good luck! Elizabeth Escher 1/4/2012
Tamara Abbett
Elllendale and Barnett
Tillie, We love Tamara Abbett. She is located on Elllendale and Barnett just down the hill. We both think very highly of her. Joanne Hafner 1/4/2012
Dr. Kip Hampton Our Delta Dental plan has been accepted by our dentist, Dr. Kip Hampton. He did a commendable job on Thor's difficult problem. Very friendly and nice. Erika Barrows 1/5/2012
Dr. John Price We go to Dr. John Price. His mother is a resident. We feel he is very good, friendly, has a great staff all of whom do very good work. The only draw back is he is not young and may not be practicing as long as we will need a dentist. Peter Funch 7/29/2012
Dr. John Price We also like John Price very much. I believe his son works there, also?? Val Rhodes 7/31/2012
Gregory Miller
East main Dental
Sure do Roy.....Gregory Miller....East main Dental...he had offices in this bldg some years ago...he's state of the art & also discounts to his many RVM patients for cash & Sr. status.....I got recommended to him by 3 RVMers...couldn't be happier....Bob Hanley.....his # is 541-773-3422 Bob Hanley 8/8/2012
Dr. Gregory Miller
East Main Dental Center
1123 East Main Street
We go to Dr. Gregory Miller of East Main Dental Center (at 1123 East Main Street, Phone 541-773-3422) and are vey happy with him and his staff . Kumar & Rogerta 8/8/2012
Dentist research results We asked for dentist recommendations earlier. CLICK HERE TO REVIEW the information we received and compiled. Kim Wu 8/12/2012
Dr. Thomas Capsey
Suite A, 1300 Oleander Lane
Medford, 541-773-5441
I have lived in this area for many years and currently have a dentist that I have been extremely happy with, Dr. Thomas Capsey, Suite A, 1300 Oleander Lane, Medford, 541-773-5441, website I have found him to be highly competent, professional, and gentle. His staff is equally kind, caring and competent. Jackie Parrish 10/19/2015
Dr. Eugene Meyerding, Jr.
2940 Siskiyou
I cannot speak highly enough my dentist who recently replaced a crown for me.
Dr. Eugene Meyerding, Jr. 2940 Siskiyou, 541-779-5654 has both the skills and equipment to do a crown completely finished in one visit!
He began using computerized equipment 9 years ago, he told me, and was probably the first dentist in this area to invest time in learning the technology and the equipment which allows him to take digital photos, measurements, fine tune, with computer graphics, the exact size of the crown for the space (in my case adjusting the space where food had been catching and irritating the gum), and then MAKE the crown. I watched the approximately 15 minute procedure where his equipment formed my crown from a porcelain block of the color needed which he then put it in! Fascinating and so efficient! My whole appointment was less than an hour and a half.
Rita Reitz 7/28/2015
Dentist I need an exceptional dentist asap. Abbott isn't accepting new patients. Any other suggestions? Willi Zilkey 9/22/2020
Summit Dentistry
Dr Erickson
I really like Summit Dentistry, Dr Erickson. Jean Ekerson 9/22/2020
Jacob Layer Jacob Layer, 541-7340970 Ed Nicholson 9/22/2020
Dr. Jeff Childreth My husband and I have gone to Dr. Jeff Childreth for 18 years. He’s at the corner of North Phoenix Road and Lone Pine Road, 3546 Lone Pine. His phone is 541-772-8846. Good Luck. Sally Densmore 9/22/20
Premier Dental Care Our dentist, Dr. Price, has retired. Has anyone had any experience with the "Premier Care Dental" on Brownridge Terrace in Medford and Washington St. in Ashland. Their price ($690,00) for a crown is amazing and we are looking at the need for one. Maybe too good to be true? Appreciate your input. Clancy Todd 12/3/2016
Premier Care Dental We think very highly of Premier Care Dental.They've been our dentists for 2 1/2 years, first in Ashland, then in Medford.The "bargain price" for a crown is a newpatient special, a one time deal which you can't combine with anything else like the freeexam and x-rays. Make sure to ask how it works,Even without the special, they've been excellentwith their pricing and don't try to push anything you don't need (unlike acertain dentist on Barnett). Peter & Jean Grassam 12/16/2016
Denture clinic
Pieter Oosthuizen
Howard has had dentures that were much too big for him –he shrunk. I found this wonderful Denture clinic in Jacksonville run by Pieter Oosthuizen. He has come to Special Care twice and I had to take Howard to him yesterday. With the next visit, Howard will have dentures that will fit him well, and his life and all the workers in Special Care will be much happier. Pass the word around to anyone who needs their Dentures worked on or new Dentures. His number is 541-899-9999. Val Rhodes 1/24/2014
Dermatologist Has anyone had a good experience with a dermatologist in our area? Appreciate any good recommendation. Thank you Janet Ross 3/9/2013
Jeri Mendelson
Jeri Mendelson (773-4643). I’ve gone to her for years. She not only is a fine doc, but also fun to be with. Shirley Buckley 3/10/2013
Dr. Trask
Ccorner of Murphy and Siskiyou
We see Dr. Trask, at the corner of Murphy and Siskiyou. Kit Stanford 3/10/2013
David Trask, M.D. LLC.
The only Dermotologist I've contacted is David Trask, M.D. LLC. 772-8144.
He's very thorough and capable but hard to get near term appointments with. Perhaps Dr. Prulhiere can arrange an appointment if there is some urgency.
Jim Stocker 3/10/2013
Jeri Mendelson I have had very good experiences with Jeri Mendelson. As well as being efficient, she has a terrific personality. My neighbor also goes to her and is very pleased with her. Sharon Weagel 3/10/2013
Dr. David Trask Janet, I’ve gone to Dr. David Trask for a number of years since we’ve been here. I have an annual exam and he seems to be thorough. You have to make an appointment about 6 months ahead but that seems to be no problem for me. Good luck. Mary Whinery 3/10/2013
david trask Shortage of dermatologists makes long wait time for appointments; another good one is david trask dr. bill johnson 3/10/2013
Jeri Mendelson
Dr. Triblehorn
We also go to Jeri Mendelson. My Mom goes to Dr. Triblehorn who is in the same office. They are both very good. The problem is it takes months to get an appointment with either…and for that matter, almost any dermatologist in town from what I hear. Jamie Harris 3/10/2013
Dr. Tribbelhorn
(541 773 3636)
I have gone to Dr. Tribbelhorn for 13 years (541 773 3636). He has been most helpful. Betty Powers 3/10/2013
ENT Physician Can anyone recommend a good ENT doctor in this area? YC Wu 11/8/2019
Dr. Jonathan H, Lee I would recommend Jonathan H, Lee he has an impressive C V I have gone to him . also seems very honest. Dr Lee is in E N T group on 1170 Royal ave. Medford OR phone 541 779 7331 Thor Rayward 11/8/2019
Dr. Sean Trainer
Oregon Ear Nose and Throat
Dr. Sean Trainer with Oregon Ear Nose and Throat is excellent. He has helped both my husband and sister-in-law with some complex problems. Anne Newins 11/8/2019
Dr. Jon Lee
Southern Oregon ENT
Jon Lee at Southern Oregon ENT is the only act in town. They have every resource needed. I have used them for twenty years. Excellent.
Doyne Mraz 11/8/2019
Any doctors at Oregon Ear, Nose & Throat:  Sean Traynor & Elizabeth Steele Any of the doctors at Oregon Ear, Nose and Throat would be good choices. I have gone to Sean Traynor and Elizabeth Steele and worked with them professionally. Gordon Dickerson MD 11/8/2019
Dr. Jonathan H, Lee I would recommend Jonathan H, Lee he has an impressive C V I have gone to him . also seems very honest. Don Provence 11/8/2019
Dr. Beth Steele We have used Dr. Beth Steele for many, many years. We feel she is outstanding; compassionate, and joy to have as one of our physicians. My husband, John, is a physician also, and he would VERY highly recommend her as well. Her personality is truly lovely - as well as being a fine doctor.
Tommi Retzlaff 11/8/2019
Dr. Jonathan H, Lee I also strongly recommend Dr. Lee. He performed surgery on me several years ago, resolving a condition which had baffled several other doctors. John Strong 11/8/2019
Dr. Jonathan H, Lee Dr. Jonathan H, Lee Joanne Hafner 11/8/2019
Eye care As a relatively new resident, the time has come to find an eye doctor here in the Rogue Valley. Who do you like? Jane Rubey 5/23/2015
Dr. Jorizzo
Medical Eye Center on Barnett
i'm totally happy with Dr. Jorizzo and his staff. He has never pushed unnecessary procedures and is thorough and personable. Medical Eye center on Barnett Jane, I agree with Mary Jane, an authoritative local very concerned with ethics and good service. If you do use Jorrizo, ask that HE do the refraction, otherwise you get a tech.    Susan Ball Mary Jane Dellenback 5/23/2015
Eye center on Barnette I go to two specialist at the eye center on Barnette. Go to their web site and read about them. I tried another one but did not feel it was right for me, Amoena Quan 5/24/2015
Dr. Loren Barras I like Dr. Loren Barras. I’ve been going to him for many years and he always does a good job and doesn’t push buying glasses when the old ones are still good. Ed Nicholson 5/24/2015
Phillip Paden Phillip Paden has a Ba in Science, a BA in Math, his medical degree and his Boards making him the most qualified MD I have ever seen. He is also a humanitarian. He has treated me for wet macular for about 6 or 8 years and I still have vision in that eye; diminished to be sure, but vision is still there. Naturally I’m very prejudiced. Becky Hyde 5/24/2015
Dr. Phil Paden
Paden Eye Care Center
Dr. Phil Paden is the Ophthalmologist for many Rogue Valley Manor residents including my wife Marie and me. He has been serving the community of Medford since 1986. He is also a generous and caring human being.
Paden Eye Care Center
221 Stewart Avenue, Suite 110
Medford, OR 97501
John Yanos 5/24/2015
Dr. Helen Koenigsman
Medical Eye Center
Hi, Sue and I highly recommend Dr. Helen Koenigsman at the Medical Eye Center on Barnett. We both have some special vision problems and find her to be extremely thorough. Bill Silfvast 5/24/2015
Dr.Philip Paden We both go to Dr.Philip Paden, on the recommendation of Dr. Prulhiere. We both like him and his staff. Kit Stanford 5/25/2015
Dr Ewing
Siskiyou Eye Center
As you know I have severe glaucoma and my expert in SF, President of Glaucoma Research Foundation, sent me to Dr Ewing at Siskiyou Eye Center in Ashland. Way in North end. We both liked him. Not as many products as one down here. Sherryl Kumli 5/24/2015
Paul Schultz, MD John and I both use and very much like Paul Schultz, MD--there are 2 eye places on Barnett across from one another. This one is on the almost immediate LEFT as you go down Ellendale and turn left on Barnett. I've had cataract surgery in both eyes from him. John likes him, too. He's a character--full of energy, but very "focused" when he sees you--probably mid 50's. There is "another" Schultz around here, but Paul is the one we use. He was recommended by residents before we moved here. He's busy, but worth the wait to get an appointment. Mary Bjorkholm 5/24/2015
Dr Philip Paden Dr Philip Paden is well recognized by RVM residents. Bill Anderson 5/23/2015
  When I came to the Manor five years ago, our clinic made an eye checkup appt for me with Medical Eye Center here on Barnett Road. I have not been displeased with their service (a simple eyeglass prescription update), but every time I walk in there, I am struck by the glitz and glamor, as well as their high prices. Can someone suggest another operation in town that might not illicit this reaction? Carol Bourret 6/15/2016
Paul Schultz,
Dr. Paden
Stewart Ave.
Anyone who uses “illicit” deserves an answer: 2 offices that are dependable and probably not excessive (I don’t have proof)—Are Paul Schultz, also on Barnett, and Dr. Paden on Stewart Ave.
Bill Johnson 6/15/2016
Dr Barrus
Cataract and Laser
We have been going to the Dr Barrus at Cataract and Laser, across the road from Medical Eye Center, for many many years ( we are local). They are very professional.
Yes that glitz, and the 2” thick carpet, at Medical Eye Center bothered me too when I looked at frames there,, They wanted $800 for frames which I ultimately found online for $195, exactly the same designer brand.
Barbara Johnson 6/15/2016
Paul Schulz, MD
Across the street
Across the street-- Paul Schulz, MD---both John and I use him. Has done cataract surgery on both of my eyes. Very nice "eye glass" guy on the premises, but you don't need to use him. Schulz is an opthomologist (MD) was recommended to us when we arrived by MANY residents and we both like him. Mary Bjorkholm 6/15/2016
Paul Schulz We have gone to Paul Schulz annually for twelve years now and are very satisfied. Very thorough check ups and finally cataract surgery for both of us when finally needed and a wonderful result. Don and Jan White 6/15/2016
  Can anyone recommend an ophthalmologist, and separately, an optometrist? I"m not happy with the assembly-line techniques uses by some of the larger local practices. Chuck Chase 10/6/2018
Medical Eye Center
Dr. Lelney
I have been going to the Medical Eye Center down the hill on Barnett. They have Dr. Lemley, who specializes in retinal care. They have at least 4 other ophthalmoogists plus some optometrists. Karen Nelson 10/10/2018
Dr Paden
Gerri and I see Dr Paden. I highly recommend him. 70 years old I am diabetic and he keeps an eye out for how the disease could blind me, while Gerri has shots for her condition. His staff is great, and they treat you like a friend. Don Bolles 10/10/2018
Dr. Paden We have been very happy with Dr. Paden for the last 20 years that we have been here. Mike Heverly 10/10/2018
Bison Vision Center
Dr. Douglas Smith
I am aware of people who have used Dr. Douglas Smith at Bison Vision Center on Murphy Road as their Optometrist. They have been extremely happy with him. I have not used him, but plan to make an appointment there soon. His website is Ann Walker 10/10/2018
Retina Care Center
Dr. Aufderheide
Bison Vision is my optometrist and Retina Care Center, Dr. Aufderheide, is my ophthalmologist . I have also had Dr. Wang. They were all a pleasure. Ruth Pepple 10/10/2018
Dr. Phil Paden We would recomend: Dr. Phil Paden Paul Peterson 10/10/2018
Dr. George Lam I go to Dr. George Lam, 1430 E. McAndrews Rd., 541-772-7273. Dr. Prulhiere recommended him to me when I first moved here as he is his opthalmologist. He has a small office and takes all the time you want with him Elizabeth Blue 10/10/2018
Cataract and Laser Institute
Dr. Tina Rutar
I like Dr. Tina Rutar at Cataract and Laser Institute just down the hill on Barnett. She is listed as a pediatric ophthalmologist, but I went to her on the recommendation of another resident here and had no trouble getting regular adult appts with her. She does all general ophthalmology, not just cataracts. She does have an assistant who does the initial eye tests, but her practice is nowhere near as "assembly line" as, say, Dr. Paden. When I've had any particular concern, it has been easy to get in to see her and, when one prescription didn't work, she did the tests and adjusted it personally. Pat Berglund 10/10/2018
Medical Eye
Helen Koenigsman
I go to Helen Koenigsman at Medical Eye and find her to be excellent. She specializes in Glaucoma and had taken very good care of me. Ron Gabel 10/10/2018
Lassman's on Crater Lake Avenue Lassman's on Crater Lake Avenue has the most thorough and careful optometrist I've seen ;in Medford. And, their service is personal and friendly. I have no hesitation in giving them a strong recommendation. Chuck Chase 3/18/21
Dr. Gerry Kappel
Lassman's on Crater
Lake Avenu
I have used the services of four different optometrists in Medford, and one of them, Dr. Gerry Kappel, is a clear standout. He is careful, thorough, and takes the time needed to do the exam. I didn't think I would find anyone better than the one I saw in Virginia, but he is just as good. He is the resident optometrist at Lassman's on Crater Lake Avenue. Chuck Chase 4/14/22
Ophthalmologist Can anyone recommend an ophthalmologist? Allen Cagle 9/25/20
Dr. Philip Paden I can highly recommend Dr. Philip Paden at the Paden Eye Care Center (541)776-99026. 221 Stewart Ave, Ste. 110, Medford, OR 97501 Julie Anderson 9/25/20
Dr. Phillip Paden The responses have been too numerous to count and forward. But the hands down winner is Dr. Phillip Paden. Allen Cagle 9/25/20
Eyeglasses Has anyone had a good experience buying eyeglasses in Medford? I’m looking for a place where I can get a little styling help—advice on shape etc. since I wear glasses all the time and I’ve not had anyone really “analyze” what would look best on my now aging-face. that vanity or am I just tired of self-service at Costco? I have a prescription and am ready to get new progressive lens. Elly Cannon 4/18/2012
Eye Center
Elly, The Eye Center on Barnett is good. Chuck Schwyn 4/18/2012
Jan Woolstenhulme
Medical Eye Center
1333 Barnett
Elly, I have gone to Jan Woolstenhulme since we moved here. She is one of the opticians at the Medical Eye Center(1333 Barnett) and I love her. Good luck in finding someone you like. Elizabeth Escher 4/19/2012
Paden's Hi Elly
I bought mine at Paden's and have been quite pleased with them .
Jean Dunham 4/19/2012
Medical Eye Center
Medical Eye Center on Barnett: I was more than satisfied with the eye exam, but I would advise shopping around with prescription in hand for the best price on eyeglasses. Jeannette Bournival 4/21/2012
Foot Surgery If you have had foot surgery performed by a local surgeon or podiatrist and are willing to share your experience, please contact me. Thank you. Sue Silfvast 5/8/2020
Dr. Evan Merril Just down the hill to the right on Barnett Road, Dr. Evan Merrill, 541 776-3338, podiatrist. Surgeries for both me and my wife. Excellent treatment and care, and ongoing care for five years. Doyne Mraz Doyne Mraz 5/8/2020
Dr. Owens Sue I had a complete ankle operation done by Dr. Owens. He is fantastic. Sophia Mulderr 5/8/2020
Dr Justin Johnson
Yes, I have had several surgeries on my feet,with hammer toes, etc. Dr Justin Johnson in Ashland is excellent. He is located the north end of town next to the Ford dealerships and next to the Mexican Restaurant. He is in the large medical building there. Barbara Field 5/8/2020
Dr. Michael DeKorte
>Golf View drive
I have an appointment with Dr. Michael DeKorte on Golf View drive. I have not seen him before, except for the set up visit. Just having an ingrown toenail issue addressed. I know his brother very well in Portland through family connections, so thought I would goto Dr, DeKorte. I'll let you know more in a couple weeks if you are planning to wait that long. Mike Heverly 5/8/2020
Dr. Michael DeKorte
Medford Foot & Ankle
I rely on Dr. Michael DeKorte, Medford Foot & Ankle, 713 Golf View Drive, 541-770-1225. Good luck. Sally Densmore 5/8/2020
Dr heather Holdermann
Muphy Rd
I had two foot surgeries, 18 months apart, about 3 years ago w/ surgery done by Dr heather Holdermann on Muphy Rd, tel # 541 - 779 - 5227. Both surgeries, one on right foot and other on left, did exactly as promised & have had no adverse after effects since. I was totally satisfied. Don Blue 5/8/2020
Gastroenterologist Do any of you have a really good gastroenterologist to recommend. I have one who is ok but not very easy to talk with. So I need someone who is not only a great doctor but someone with a really good bedside manner. Can you help? Joni Johnson 3/18/21
See detail for list Gastroenterology Consultants-Medford-2860 Creekside Cir, Medford, OR 97504. 542-779-8367
Adam S. Mougey - He was mentioned 3 times with great recos, has a great sense of humor
Meghan Gilroy—3 all with outstanding recommendations easy to talk to
Kris Jacobson- 2 recos but one says fairly reserved
Jeani Buhl, a nurse practitioner- 3 recos- all great- very personable
John Walker- 1 Reco
Ashland- Bert Monte Steward - Bear Creek Medical Plaza 1801 Highway 99 N Ste 2 Ashland, OR 97520 (541) 488-4464
Summary of multiple recommendations, compiled by Joni 3/18/21
Hand surgery Can anyone recommend a good local hand surgeon. I'm asking on behalf of a friend who is moving to RVM in early December. Dale Lohman 9/26/20
Dr. Matthew J. Bengard I have used Dr. Matthew J. Bengard (541) 779-6250 & have been very satisfied. 2780 E.Barnett Rd #200, Medford,OR 97504 Southern Oregon Orthopedics - Hand & Upper Extremity. Julie Anderson 9/26/20
Dr Bengard Dr Bengard That’s who I saw after my incident with the car window. Since my injury was relatively minor, I can’t speak to his surgical skills. But I did find that he explained clearly both the medical aspects of my injury and what to expect as it healed. For example, he told me that it could take several months or more for the sensation to return to my fingertip and that it was possible that it would not fully return as before because nerves vary in the kinds of sensations they conduct. He also told me that while that fingertip may look somewhat asymmetrical for a while, it will eventually fill in. Gini Armstrong 9/27/20
Southern Oregon Orthopedics Southern Oregon Orthopedics has a couple of specialists. Heidi Bloom is well-regarded but is hard to get an appointment with her. I saw Dr.Bengard a couple of years ago and found him to be very professional and honest. He fully answered all my questions and explained the pros and cons for various approaches to my problem. We decided not to have any surgery at this time. Claudia MacMillan 9/27/20
ask Pat Perkins Pat Perkins on our block is a retired orthopedic surgeon, and has had hand surgery done up here. He has a surgeon he would recommend. Call him at x6746. Ron Constable 9/27/20
Dr. Sternenberg
Southern OR orthopedics
Dr. Sternenberg at Southern OR orthopedics is my recommendation. I had surgery for a trigger finger about 3 years ago and in May for a fractured wrist and broken arm, both times with great recovery. Grady Kase 9/27/20
Dr. Heidi Bloom I recommend Dr. Heidi Bloom, 2780 Barnette Road, Suite 200. Phone 541-779-6250. She worked wonders for me -- without surgery. Meridel Hedges 9/27/20
Heidi Bloom Heidi Bloom — 541-779-6250 — She’s in the Southern Oregon Orthopedics group. It may take quite a long time to get an appointment. Don Provence 9/27/20
Dr. Heidi Bloom Dr. Heidi Bloom at So. Or. Orthopedics is good. Judy Bamforth 9/27/20
Dr. Heidi Bloom We recommend Dr. Heidi Bloom, So. OR Orthopedics, 541) 779-6250, 2780 E. Barnett, Medford. She was recommended to us by our CA Hand Specialist before we moved here 6 months ago. Your friend can look her up online. It would be advisable to get a referral to her asap, maybe through your friend's current doctor until she/he can get a new primary care doctor here. Dr. Bloom has a busy practice. Bonnie & Jim de Vos 9/27/20
Heidi Bloom Heidi Bloom is the very best She is with Southern Oregon Orthopedics 2780 E Barnett Rd Suite 200 541-779-6250 Hope that helps Emily Rued 9/27/20
Heidi Bloom I highly recommend Heidi Bloom Southern Oregon Orthopedics 2780 E Barnett Rd Suite 200 541-779-6250 She is the best in Southern Oregon Good luck Carol Solomon 9/27/20
Dr. Heidi Bloom We have not had direct interaction with Dr. Heidi Bloom at Southern Oregon Orthopedics, but Jane's sister did see her for a hand injury. Dr. Bloom was highly recommended as a hand specialist, well respected here in southern Oregon. Mike Heverly 9/27/20
Brian Kreul Brian Kreul did great work on my wife’s hand! Bill Meers 9/27/20
Dr Bengard I was very happy with Dr Bengard 541-779-6250 He did carpal tunnel surgery about a year ago and I now have no pain and full mobility Nancy Maxwell 9/27/20
Dr. Bengard
Dr. Bloom
Pat Perkins, retired orthopedic surgeon, used Dr. Bengard as well and also suggested Dr. Blum (Bloom) in the same practice. Pat Perkins 9/27/20
Hearing aids Has anyone here at RVM tried Miracle Ears? Also what advice can I solicit from those of you who have or are considering purchasing hearing aids? Jim & Amoena Quan 6/27/2014
Miracle Ears It has been strongly recommended by a friend. I intend to try it, but
haven't yet.
Bob Holland 6/27/2014
Medford ENT audiology dept/Resound My Resound ones from Medford ENT audiology dept are wonderful - I have had almost no problems for over 4 years and they fix little things without any charge And the dept is very expert. people say they are happy with CostCo as well, but I think overall the servicing is better at Medford ENT Mary Jane Dellenback 6/27/2014
Costco Good Morning – Many years ago I did a lot of research on hearing aids. I asked people here at the Manor and got Costco so often I decided to try them. I am on my fourth set. (only because my ears are deteriorating) and they are a lot (lot) less expensive then anywhere else and they all work the same way I have found this out because two of my sets where from elsewhere. Many of my friends in Grants Pass have Costco hearing aids because I recommended them and all very pleased. Lorraine Hickenbottom 6/27/2014
Allison Schmidt, Audiology & Hearing Care
Golf View Drive
Based on a recommendation from Dr. Daniel Wayman (ENT/Southern Oregon ENT), I went to Allison Schmidt, Audiology & Hearing Care on Golf View Drive, and I've been very happy with her. The number there is 541-779-9654. Elizabeth Escher 6/27/2014
Costco Many of us have used Costco with great satisfaction. They do a hearing test and have great hearing aids and hearing aid support thereafter. Nils Nilsson 6/27/2014
Costco/Resound Dr Wayman . ENT at the Medford Clinic, told us that Costco was a “perfectly good” place to go for the hearing aids.
Costco has exactly the same “Resound” hearing aids (with all the extras, all the bells and whistles) for less than 1/3 the price our Medford friends paid at a big local ENT clinic. These are not copies, They are branded Resound and have all the Resound warranties.
Our friends were just shattered!
My husband is on his 4th set from Costco, over many years.
Barbara Johnson 6/28/2014
Dr. Elizabeth Tangel, Audiologist
Imaginears has an office in the main Manor building, and Dr. Elizabeth Tangel, Audiologist, comes to the Manor by appointment. She provides a convenient service, and I have found her to be very knowledgeable.
Their office #: 541-776-3464
Wayne Garrett 6/28/2014
Dr. Elizabeth Tangel, Audiologist
bob has hearing aides from dr. elizabeth tangel (imagineers) and he likes them and her. he has no problems with hearing now. Willi Zilkey 6/29/2014
Imaginears I have ben very satisfied with the products and service at Imaginears. Morris Prosser 6/29/2014
Massage Do you have a recommendation for a massage therapist, anyone? Jeannette Bournival 8/17/2016
Liza in our own beauty shop. Jeannette, I highly recommend Liza in our own beauty shop. She just recently (last week) located and worked out a problem in my hip. I have been fighting this problem for about 6 weeks. There has been no pain for a week now. Makes walking so much easier. Also I have heard raves about April who is in the physical therapy department. She specializes in a certain treatment - but worth looking into . Sharon Weagel 8/18/2016
Liza I second this - Liza is wonderful Anne Nicholson 8/18/2016
Lisa Johnson Peggy Ann Smith Lisa Johnston is a good massage therapist and a wonderful person. She works in a room in our own Beauty Shop, and you can call her there.
I also was told that Peggy Ann Smith is excellent and works in the rehab center at 924 S. Riverside. My physical therapist there recommended her, although I have never met her. Her number is 541-301-3574
Lee Willms 8/17/2016
Sara North I can recommend a young woman who only will come to your home...Sara North...541-292-4271. I've used for more than 2 yrs. Janet Rowe 8/17/2016
Medical aids      
Phoenix Pharmacy
Phoenix, OR
Phoenix Pharmacy. Phoenix, OR --head and shoulders better selection of back braces than Black Oak Pharmacy. A very large, comprehensive store that offers the best and widest selection of medical aids that I've seen in this area. Plus, the staff is well trained, knowledgeable, and helpful. I've passed this place many times when I go to R & R pet resort or the library and never noticed it. Suggested by my Physical Therapist. Mary Bjorkholm 2/6/2014
Oncologists I am looking for a local oncologist that specializes in blood cancers, preferably multiple myeloma, bone marrow cancer. Also, does anyone have experience with a local infusion clinic? Jane Rubey 12/20/2014
Sean Heyn at HOA (Hemotology Oncology Associates) Dr. Sean Heyn from Hematology Oncology Associates is an excellent Physician. HOA is at the corner of Murphy and Barnett Rd. They are a large group with an in-house infusive clinic. They have another office in Grants Pass. Dr. Heyn is an Hematologist and Oncologist. He treated my husband for Multiple Myeloma. A great doctor and an admirable Gentleman. Glenda Weber 12/20/2014
Dr.Alison Savage Dr.Alison Savage specializes in oncology of blood ca, has done a Fellowship in exactly that Mary Jane Dallenback 12/20/2014
Oral surgeon Kumar is looking for an oral surgeon for a tooth extraction. Can anyone make a recommendation? Thanks! Roberta Bhasin 1/4/2016
Dr. Doherty
I used Dr. Doherty for an extraction and implant. He was excellent. Look at his web site at: Ouch! Nils Nilsson 1/4/2016
Dr Savage
I used Dr Savage 541-210-5862 for the last difficult one. Very Good. Art Ekerson 1/4/2016
Black Oak Medical Building
Dr Richards
I am not sure about extractions but Dr.Hall in the Black Oak Medical Building did my root canal. Ray had Dr Richards on McAndrews extract 3 teeth. Her staff was very experienced. Kit Stanford 1/4/2016
John Ferrin
John Ferrin is excellent and a Periodontist on Barnett David Addington 1/4/2016
Dental Implants We need to find an experienced dental implant specialist. Can you give us some suggestions? Thanks YC Wu 8/11/2016
Rob Johnson
Dental Excellence
My dentist, Rob Johnson, at Dental Excellence, does it all in his office, although as Ruth said, it is a multi-step process. He is very personable and does a great job. He's done two for me to date Anne Nicholson 8/12/2016
Dr. Richards, Dr. Johnson Ray has gone to Dr. Berg, who referred him to Dr. Richards for the extraction, then Dr Berg's partner, Dr. Johnson did the rest. Kit Stanford 8/12/2016
Premier Care Dental Premier Care Dental. It's one of their specialties. One stop for everything. Best prices in the valley. Peter Grassam 8/12/2016
AAID, ABOI/ID web pages The AAID (American Academy of Implant Dentistry) and ABOI/ID (American Board of Oral Implantology/Implant Dentistry) are credentialing organizations. They have web pages with extensive information and a referral source. Yes, The more successful procedures may involve several appointments over an extended period and may involve more than one dentist. This all varies depending upon the needs of the individual. No one procedure fits all. Harry Cure 8/12/2016
Dr. Bruce Logan
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Center of Oregon
East State St.
(Templin)I had good experience with Dr. Logan on East State St. (Lynda)I recommend Dr. Bruce Logan, who has a very convenient office down on State Street, near here. The practice is called the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Center of Oregon. Bill Templin, Lynda Hansen 8/12/2016
Dr. Vareldzis
Hillcrest Family Dentistry
My dentist, Dr. Vareldzis, does an implant in one appointment. Contact Hillcrest Family Dentistry Bobbie Middaugh 8/12/2016
Dr. CHOU Dr. CHOU is the best Gary Crites 8/11/2016
Michael Doherty
Eric Alston, of East Main Dental
I found the dental implant to be a 2 stage process. My dentist from East Main Dental sent me to a surgical specialist, Michael Doherty, who did the extraction and the implant base. The dentist, Eric Alston, of East Main Dental did the other part. I am very satisfied with the results. Ruth Pepple, Chuck Chase 8/11/2016
Orthopedics Could anyone recommend a good orthopedist I can ask for by name? I've got a hip problem. I've already got a shoulder doctor, but he doesn't know anything about hips. I'm new here. Getting doctors has not been easy since I've arrived. Janet Bourque 2/2/2017
South Oregon Orthopedics
There are three Doctors at South Oregon Orthopedics that were recommended to me: They are Drs. Metwally, Clarenger, and Ho. About twelve people responded. Metwally was recommended by eight people and four people mentioned Clarenger. No-one recommended Ho because he's kind of new. Janet Borque 2/2/2017

I've been using RVM pharmacy and really like the people and service --- but they can't bill Medicare directly, so I am going to have to deal with somebody else for my diabetic supplies. Given that, I am thinking of switching everything over to Fred Meyer or Walgreens to get the added advantage of much longer hours and on-line ordering. I have not yet checked on any price comparisons.Does anybody have relevant experience that they would like to share?

Bob Buddemeier 3/2/2016
Fred Meyer Pharmacy Fred Meyer Pharmacy is very good. We have had no problems with them. Can order refills over the automated system and they call when item is ready. We have had to wait when we hand deliver a RX. Can access medication from ANY Fred Meyer location if you are traveling in Oregon Ed Bennett 3/3/2016
Fred Meyer Barry and I have had such bad experiences dealing with Walgreens that we switched to the nearby Fred Myers. Walgreens also seldom answers their phones and Fred Myers has been reliable for us. Donna Johnson 3/3/2016
Black Oak Pharmacy Black Oak Pharmacy has always been very reliable....don’t know if they can bill Medicare. As you look at Asante Hosp., they are on the right, off Murphy. Bill Johnson 3/3/2016
Fred Meyer Freddie's is vastly superior, mostly because of the staff, especially the pharmacists. We have used both and have found Fred Meyer to be a better choice. Both have long waiting periods for filling prescriptions, sometime as long as an hour, so plan your time accordingly. Doyne Mraz 3/3/2016
Costco Bob, You might try Costco, but you would have to find out if they would bill to medicare. Or any of the others as well. Good Luck, Norma and Mike Trump 3/3/2016
Costco My meds come by mail from Costco at a much lower price than that of our pharmacy. Becky Hude 3/3/2016
Fred Meyer I have used Fred Meyer pharmacy for 12 years and recommend them highly. I order refills of prescriptions by email and find it convenient to do a little shopping when picking them up. Don White 3/3/2016
Crater Lake Ave
I use Safeway on Crater Lake Ave for my Diabetic supplies. A bit of a pain due to the distance, but otherwise they do a good job for me. Don Bolles 3/3/2016
Walgreens I have used walgreens and like them. much better than fred Myers Lou Yardumian 3/3/2016
Humana and Walmart We now get diabetic supplies through humana and walmart. many supplies (also non-diabetic) cost $0.0 (metformin). Will Zilkey 3/3/2016
Internists, Cardiologists
Can you post our question about recommendations for primary care physicians or internists as well as a good cardiologist in the greater Medford area. We are new residents. Susan and Carl Schneiderman 10/10/2012
Christopher Alftine
Internist, Medford Medical Clinic
My husband and I go to Christopher Alftine, who is an internist at the Medford Medical Clinic. He was recommended to us a number of years ago by Yaser Metwally, an orthopaedic surgeon who does a large percentage of the hip replacements here in Medford. We couldn't be happier with him and highly recommend him. Do feel free to phone me (6194) if you have questions. Oh, and welcome to Rogue Valley Manor! Elizabeth Escher 10/10/2012
Jon Bower
520 Medical Center Drive #200

Garret Peard
555 Black Oak Drive
Welcome to the manor! Jack and I use Jon Bower as a cardiologist. He is located at 520 Medical Center drive #200 just off Black Oak. Phone is 541-282-6600. Our internist is Garret Peard at 555 Black Oak Drive, phone 541-734-3430. Both are about 10 minutes from here. We love them both. Joanne Hafner 10/10/2012
Dr. Molly Gramley We have Dr. Molly Gramley who is located just south of Ashland on Highway 99. 541-732-8300. She is with Providence Medical Group and specializes is seniors and works with Hospice at Providence as well. She is very thorough, patient and on top of everything. Barb Field 12/21/2014
Christopher Alftine We have gone to Christopher Alftine for some years and are extremely happy with him. He's part of the Medford Medical Clinic, 541-734-3430. Good luck in finding someone you like. Elizabeth Escher 12/21/2014
Physician -- Female GP I need a recommendation for a female GP that is in Medford or Ashland. A Dr. that works more than 2 days a week and you feel comfortable talking with. Mary Gabel 9/4/2019
Asante -- call them Mary: I saw on RVM list that you are looking for a physician We have had good luck at Asante. Call them and explain your needs and they will take care of you. Be patient, it is Oregon. Bill Meers 9/5/2019
Karin Kuhl
Providence in Ashland
We've been going to Karin Kuhl at Providence in Ashland (right off Exit 19) for several years and find her capable, competent, and compassionate. She is a "three day a weeker" but we haven't found that a problem. Her office responds to MyChart inquiries generally in less than an hour. Dennis Murphy 9/5/2019
Jessica Luckman
Providence Medical Group - Urogynecology Center
have had outstanding experience at Providence Medical Group - Urogynecology Center - Located at 1698 Suite 400. 541-732-7400 and have been going there for nearly 2 years. I see Jessica Luckman a PN, who is top notch. The referral came to me from Dr. Prulhiere. Tillie Macready 9/5/2019
Podiatrist Can anyone recommend a podiatrist? And do you know if they take Medicare? Kit Stanford 1/5/2012
Dr. Heather Holdernan Gerri used Dr. Heather Holdernan for a small problem and she took Medicare. Don Bolles 1/6/2012
Dr. DeKorte We love Dr. DeKorte and he does take Medicare.
Thor Barrows 1/6/2012
Michael DeKorte
Medford Foot & Ankle
Dr. Michael DeKorte at Medford Foot & Ankle, 713 Golf View Drive. 541-770-1225 Sally Densmore 2/25/2020