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Dining Favorites

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Does anyone have a source for really good bagels?

Bob and Jane Hall 2/21/2015
The Little Shop of Bagels
Ashland Street next to the Cinema
The best bagels in the valley in my opinion are "The Little Shop of Bagels" located on Ashland Street next to the Cinema. It is a small shop that also sells to "Shop and Cart" and "Market of Choice". Go to the shop for more variety.
Barb Field 2/21/2015
Calamari Does anyone know of a restaurant around here that had good fried calamari? Our grandson loves it. His birthday is next weekend and we wanted to get some for him. Thanks Bill Silfvast 4/6/2014
McGrath’s Fish House

If he likes the deep fried calamari “rings”, McGrath’s Fish House as an appetizer, which is done to perfection (not rubbery) - at least 95% of the time! – with a fabulous dipping sauce. We have lived here for over 50 years. Have tried all of them locally, and McGraths is consistently the best.
Our grandsons also love them
Good luck!

Barbara Johnson

Bambu has excellent “Crispy Calamari.”
Jim Heaton 4/7/2014
Chinese restaurants

Has anyone tried the new Chinese restaurant on Barnett just past Stewart. How would you rate it on a scale of 1-5?

Joanne Hafner

Chinese restaurant on Barnett

We would rate it about a 3. It was more like the Chinese food that we were used to in the Bay Area than the Americanized Chinese food we've had at other restaurants here in the Valley.

We like spicy food, and they were able to provide that. On the downside, the two very different dishes we ordered were served with the same brown sauce; and the twice-cooked pork was almost all vegetables with a tablespoon or two of pork bits mixed in.

Pat Berglund
Chinese restaurant on Barnett
We went with a party of 6 and would rate it no higher than a 3. We took food home so portions are ample. We had the 'A' dinner for 6 so the meal was not really representative. Two meat dishes, Mar Far Chicken and a pork dish. came without a sauce. The Mongolian Beef and General Tso Chicken dishes were quite tasty. I don't see how they can support the volume of dishes listed on the menu.
Jim Holeman
Tin Tin's Chinese Buffet
Popular Square Shopping Center.

We love "Tin Tin's" Chinese buffet. It's the best in Southern Oregon. They have a fabulous selection of delicious food. They are in Popular Square shopping center.

Thor Barrows
The New China
Barnett Rd between the Chevron Station and Jack in the Box
Thor, we went to The New China on Barnett Rd between the Chevron Station and Jack in the Box. Parking is tricky at busy times.
Jim Holeman
New China
I've been looking for good Chinese food in the Valley since moving here 3+ yrs ago. I tried New China cafe a couple of weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised. I ordered one of their combo dishes and a chow fun dish. The mgr explained that they did not use the very wide, whitish noodle that I was expecting from dining in Hawaii and San Francisco, but another thinner kind of "chow fun." He also said this place is connected with the Chinese restaurant in Ashland, the one located near Mkt of Choice (forgot its name). I did recognize the same style of heavily breaded, deep fried morcels in the combo dish as they serve in Ashland. The leftovers heated up the next day were also tasty. I'd rate this place 4 out of 5, but that's in comparison to what is available in southern Oregon, not to the wondrous Chinese cuisine available in big cities.
Sophia McMillen
Fine dining      

Just wanted to share with you a great restaurant in Jacksonville, Gogi’s. Not cheap, but oh so good. Here is a link to our review of it. Press the blue link and you can read it, if interested.
Link to review

Don & Gerri Bolles 11/23/2015
Hungarian Restaurants      
Novak's Hungarian Restaurant
2306 Davidson
Albany, OR

If you travel North on I5 through Albany, OR you may be interested in a little different restaurant (Novak's Hungarian Restaurant 2306 Davidson Albany, OR) on the way. That is, this old world couple and twin daughters prepare Hungarian dishes and are rated 4 star on Google (52 reviews).

While there, take in the Albany Historic Carousel & Museum (503 West 1st Ave., Albany) and discover this gem of a small town. Or, Google it on UTube and watch a short (6 minute) documentary to give you an appreciation of the art and years of work that goes into creating each animal on a carousel.

Don Bolles

June 24, 2014
Italian Restaurants      

Vinny's Italian Kitchen
970 N Phoenix Rd # 104  
Medford, OR 97504
(541) 618-8669

We just had our first meal at Vinny's Italian Kitchen, and found it delightful. Eight of us ordered many different choices from the menu, and all found our meals excellent. The restaurant's ambiance is very pleasant, and it was easy to carry on a conversation. Vinny's three generations of owners were very welcoming and provided us with excellent service. This will be high on our list of favorite restaurants in the area, for a quiet meal alone or a place to take friends.

Skip and Janet Ross

Korean Restaurants      
SooRah Restaurant
38 N Central, Medford

Jim and I and some RVM friends have had some very good Korean dinners at SooRah restaurant in Medford. Downtown, at 38 N Central (across from old Woolworth building) they are open 7 days a week 11-9:30. The congenial owner /host will walk you through the menu and his wife is one of the chefs. It is in a very nice space and has a full bar.

Claudia and Jim Macmillan 3/17/2016
Mexican Restaurants      
El Tapatio
1633 Hwy 99, Ashland
BEHIND the car dealerships
I love Mexican food and have tired several restaurants in our area. El Tapatio is my favorite. I've been there several times for both lunch and dinner. A very nicely appointed restaurant, family run, and HARD TO FIND. There has been lovely live music during several of the evenings. Not intrusive and very pleasant. The food is freshly prepared. Not greasy and they serve horchata! which I love. The margaritas are good, too!! The restaurant is just south of Valley View drive on Hwy 99 BEHIND the car dealerships. You need to drive thru the dealerships and around behind them to find this gem. Address:1633 Hwy 99, Ashland Phone: 541-488-2276
Mary Bjorkholm 11/15/2012
  Having some guests who are Mexican food lovers. What restaurant(s) in Medford or Ashland area would you recommend? Thanks! Joyce Heintz 8/21/2015
El Molcajete Mexican Grill.
1789 Stewart
We have found THE BEST Mexican food in the area! El Molcajete Mexican Grill. It is at 1789 Stewart on the left, quite a way out from town. We've taken a number of friends there and all love it.
Phil & Judy Hunter 8/21/2015
El Mocajete Mexican Grill

Based on Phillip Hunter’s recommendation we went to El Mocajete Mexican Grill for lunch today. It was delicious. We had the signature dish for two and brought home enough leftover for Sunday supper. Thank for the tip, Phillip. We’ll go back and tell others about it.

Betty Jones


I'm trying to put together a birthday celebration and need to know if anyone has tried any of the pizza parlors close by that they would recommend? Must serve thin crust, be clean, and helps to have good ambiance.

Janet Scott

Jackson Creek Pizza
317 East Main St.

We just came back from having a pizza with the cast of "You Are the Jury" at a place on Main Street _I think the name is Jacksonville Pizza. It was DELICIOUS! Call me if you can't find out where it is.

Jimmie Harvey

Hwy 99 north of the Mall
Try WILD RIVER on Hwy 99 north of the Mall. They have lots of room, even a private area for your party and have delicious thin crust baked in wood fired ovens. They also have other things on the menu. It's the best pizza I've had since NYC.
Audrey Scannell 6/25/2012
Kaleidoscope Pizza
Crater Lake Hwy.
(across from Costco)
We had Kaleidoscope Pizza on Crater Lake Hwy.(across from Costco) recommended to us, and have not been disappointed. Many combos, and delicious...see their website menu, Indoor/outdoor, nice decor, can get crowded, so best call for accommodations for a party, and maybe go for early reservation for a group. Medford Tribune has consistently rated #1 in reader polls.
Claudia and Jim Macmillan 6/25/2012
Jackson Creek Pizza
Jackson Creek Pizza, great on a warm evening as outside seating .
Jim Van Horn 6/25/2012
Kleidescope is excellent!!! Best in town!
Jean Dunham 6/25/2012
Wild River Pizza
Hwy 99 (north of Rogue Valley Mall)

We like Wild River Pizza, Hwy 99 (north of Rogue Valley Mall) in north Medford.

Bill Jacobs